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new tyres. online stores?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by shady_knife, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. basically i want to get some new tyres for my 06 zx-6r.

    went down to peter stevens, some dual compound sports touring ones were reccomended, for front and rear $550 fitted.

    just wondering if there is anywhere cheaper than that where i can buy tyres online then go somewhere and get them fitted for cheaper than $550.

    with the aussie dollar as it is at the moment, was thinking ebay or the like, maybe imported from the uk/us/italy, seems to be around $300 aus give or take PLUS shipping of we'll say 80aus, so alot cheaper as long as nothing goes wrong, but before i fleabay it, any good local stores that are cheaper than that?


    probably more interested in a more racy tyre than the dual compound sports ones.... the bikes just a twisty road bike now, but it is about 30k or so until the twisties..... what you guys reckon? will the angels be able to keep me safe or should i step it up a gear?
  2. The thing is, Peter Stevens will charge you an hourly rate which will work out to about $50 dollars (approx half an hour). $50 dollars plus say $450 (max) for the tyres and shipping you will be around the $500 mark any how. For all the hassle of ordering and waiting for the tyres to arrive, then getting them down to the shop, then getting your bike down there, is it really worth the savings?
    I suppose $50 dollars is $50 dollars but for me its too much of a hassle to be worth it.
    Why not support a local business since you will be getting them to fit it anyhow?
  3. yeah, but if i can get the tyres delivered for $400aus, thats a large saving... 1/5th off the price. i'm a student so a 100 here, a 100 there.. it adds up.
  4. Have to say i was looking into this recently and couldn't find any real savings but i was only looking at the US. Bike tyres weren't THAT much cheaper and shipping took up any difference. Buying them here you might strike up a nice deal where they are fitted for free or something but if you bring in the tyres to be fitted then they're going to charge you the full rate as well.

    Odd though because i know quite a few people buying full sets of car wheels and/ or tyres from the US and saving packets even with shipping, just doesn't seem to translate into bike tyres.
  5. I'm with DRMAT on this one Shady-Knife. I looked into the USA thing and sure the tyres are much cheaper but freight is the killer.

    I ended up going local with a set PP Pure fitted for $500. Don't be afraid to haggle. This saved me plenty (originally quoted $565 - tyres only).
  6. I understand your pain as a student, (I'm not, but I've supported two), but, seriously, support your local dealers, if you want them to still be there when you need them.....
  7. Should have noted i bought a new set of Mich's and cost me $504 fitted from Metro Honda and Ducati as well.
  8. Are you a Netrider member? My local shop is an affiliate, as a member you get a 10% discount, on a set of tyres, that's a good $55.

    Something to think about.
  9. 100%
    If the workshops can't make a dollar on margin, they're just going to charge more for fitting., I mean, think it through people.

    I can see it now: "Online tyre fitting service: Send your bike to us in Nigeria and we'll fit tyres FREE! We'll even pay the freight." :LOL: