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new tyres for my hornet 250?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by the.forsaken, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. hey guys, new rider here (done about 1500k...), after a bit of reading I think I might need a new set of tyres (or at least a new rear..) on my recently acquired Hornet 250. The rear seems to have a bit of a flat spot...! :(

    I am not sure if it has been caused by the rear tyre or road surface, but sometimes the rear of the bike feels a bit .... kinda... wiggly/wobbly around some corners. is this a symptom caused by a squared center section, or just me noobing it up?

    the bike has a weird tyre combination on it (especially for a 250?)... 180/55 17" rear, 130/70/16" front. The fat rear tyre looks awesome but I am guessing it will be exxy to replace!!

    Is it critical to replace both at once? should I get the rear replaced ASAP? can anyone recommend a good bike tyre place on the north side of melbourne who I could call up?

    Generally the bike is used for weekend riding, but has a bit of commuting thrown in and occasional long trips on the highway.

    roughly how much would I be up for a new set?

    cheers :)



    flat section:
  2. Bridgestone BT021

    around $300

    on a 250, should last over 12,000 kms
  3. hey :) thanks for the suggestion... how do you think the front looks? should I do them both at once?
  4. They both look pretty squared off to me, my vote is for a set of Pilot road 2's you should get great k's out of them, awesome bike too a Hornet 250 was my first bike!
  5. You can only get a Bridgestone BT016, a Michelin Pilot Sport or an Avon VR2 for your front wheel. I've just gone with a BT016 to match my rear BT021....
  6. yeah I understand front choice is a little limited due to the 16" rim... I hoped to not spend much on this bike before upgrading, but if I need to buy tyres then so be it... :D better safe than sorry.

    how do people find Bob Janes on Elizabeth st melb? Will take the bike in there on saturday and see what they think.

    yeah I really like the bike bamm-bamm... looked at a few hyo's/cbr's/zzr's etc, liked the high revving 4's a little better than the twins, and the hornet seems to have a bit more usable delivery than the cbr rrrr rr r (enjoy revving the crap out of things for once, after driving a falcon around for awhile...lol), found a nice looking one pretty cheap and well, thats that... hope it does me for my restrictions and then prob sell it again and upgrade!

  7. THAT'S im.on.it's old 250 Hornet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. hahaha, after a bit of forum searching... potentially!!! its the same color, same twin pipes! however in the few pics I found, im.on.it's bike had round mirrors and a netrider number plate surround... mine has a ray quincy surround and square mirrors (which I need to change, prob the only ugly bit on the bike... these massive square mirrors haha). crazy small world if it is hahah :D

    i bought it off a guy in sandringham!

    sweet little bike tho!