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New tyres for gpx?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by malenko, May 10, 2008.

  1. I recently got my hands on an 07 gpx that is completely stock.

    Just curious as to if I would get any benefit from changing the tyres from stock?
  2. haha that was very useful.

    depends what you want buddy.
    i dont know which tyres your bike came with, or what type of rider you are. but if you want super grippy tyres, you will be changing them once or twice a year and they will be sports tyres, like the dunlop gpr a10 or whatever they are.

    the alternative is touring tyres which last a long time but arent quite as grippy, but more than good enough for most riders (which im assuming you are on a 250). my tyres are bridgestone battlax bt-45 touring tyres and theyre great.

    hope it helps
  3. haha yeah it does help more then the yes :p I think I might go the touring, as I am still on my Ls I dont think a sports tyre will be getting much use atm.
  4. Why do people think that performance tyres are purely for going fast? Performance tyres = better traction, ie. something you need at any speed.
  5. ^ With the cheapest of cheap replacements, I can touch the pegs with the GPX(Easily).
    I wouldn't even dare on the stock ones, they are so hard it isn't funny.
  6. as i was saying, im not sure what the stock tyres are.
    my mates gs500 came with battlax bt-45's like mine and he leans that over tonnes. mine leans well too with the battlax's.

    and as phizog said, grip is always necessary, but that extra bit that sports tyres give isnt usually necessary for learners...

    good/great tyres = a must
    the best (at low speeds/leans) = unnecessary

    im personally gonna go for the grippiest things i can for my next set of tyres, probably those dunlop alpha 10's, but i also intend to thrash my cibby a bit.
  7. I would always go with the best you can afford, Those two tires are all thats keeping you on the road.
    As a learner you are more likely to make a mistake which would break traction, Say crossing tram track lines at the wrong angle. I would rather a chance in hell than none to regain traction, it isn't fun to be sliding down the road.