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New Tyres, Both Or Just One

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by tonner, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Ok so I need a new rear tyre, most likely going the Metzler 880's after reading on here, every body seems happy with them. I only need a rear, but seeing as how the front is the OEM Dunlop should I change them both as a set? Front still has plenty of life left in it.

    Appreciate any advice on what to do and where to get them from in Brisbane.

    bike is a Yamaha XVS650 Classic.

  2. Try Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres in Moss Street, Slacks Creek. Got my last set of tyres from them and was very happy with the price and service (plus there's plenty of bike shops in the area to browse while you wait for it to be fitted).

    As to whether to change the front - tyres should really be changed every 5 years anyway, so if the front's getting on in years (or you have no idea how old it is) then I'd change both.
  3. I change only what is needed. My cruiser burns through a couple of back tyres to every front. Lots of high speed high power riding seems to remove the rubber.
  4. i got through rears more than fronts... replace both if the front needs it...either worn or old and tired.... otherwise just do the rear...

    UNLESS... the original front is significantly less sticky than the new rear... you're better off having a stickier front.
  5. Thanks for the advice, front is 11k old Dunlop with plenty left, I was thinking of fitting a Metzler on the back but was not sure if I should mix them up?

    Maybe just put a new Dunlop on and change both next time.
  6. I don't see why you need to put them on as a set. I would get the tyre you want now, and replace the front when you need to.
  7. good qu. im in same boat same bike, i have
    no advice cos im still a R date rider.
    but do you notice front tire tracking / twitchin
    on road ? .
    i was wondering if a new diff brand would be
    better .
  8. I've run different brands front and back (changed to the same brand as soon as it was viable) but I see no reason to chuck a perfectly good front away just because the rear is end of life. Running different brands was an issue years ago but tyre tech today negates the issue.
  9. Booked in for tomorrow at Brisbane Motorcycles$220 fitted for an OEM Dunlop, Conrad down there reckons if you run them at 42 psi they will perform well and give great mileage....could be my problem only getting 10k at 32 psi
  10. How old is the front tyre?
  11. I run Metz, very sticky.

    Get two to three rears in for every one front.
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  12. 3 years olds
  13. so what pressure is everyone running front and rear?
  14. 32 for both.
  15. I got a XVS650A (Custom) and my front tire has gone pretty bald but the rear tire is still ok. Just crossed 20K KMS and am thinking of doing just the front for now.

    Running Bridgestones as supplied for now but thinking of getting Pirelly Night Dragons as a replacement.
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  16. I used to run 36psi in both but the Con at QLD Motorcycle Tyres in Moss St has just told me o run 42psi in the rear to get the best of traction and tyre life....he swears he and his mates all run 42psi minimum in their crusiers and get much better than the 11.5k I got out my old rear.
  17. I'll try it with higher psi and see how it goes.
  18. I run 36 front and 42 rear, steering goes to shit if the front is lower, the rear goes squirmy out of the corners if lower. Bike weighs nearly 430Kgs fully fueled with me on it though (M109r).
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  19. Picked up a set of white walls for my XVS650A before I sold it, from the wreckers $150 the pair. Brand new, loads of meat left on them.
    If you're happy to fit them yourself, you can save a lot of money.
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  20. I just had this decision made for me. Front was getting low and was badly cracked. Front must be eons old.
    Rear was meaty but when I checked it had a nail in between the treads that had gone in head first and across the tyre. It hadn't gone through but might have been close to it.
    Tossed up the decisions and ordered a rear too but really dislike throwing a tyre with so much meat on it. Might see if I can get something done to it and keep it as a spare.

    In your case I reckon it's a good call to keep the front if it only 3 years old and has plenty of tread and no cracks.