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New Tyres and Cornering Hard

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Just got a new Battlax on the back of the Spada, and am accordingly taking it easy until the mould release agent is scrubbed off. But I was thinking...

    It's easy enough to get the middle of the tyre scrubbed, just by taking it a bit easier on the acceleration (not such a huge deal on an 18 year old 250!) and back braking and so on, and the inside areas of the side with mellower cornering.

    But what about the 'chicken strips'? I usually end up using all of the 140/70, but the only way to scrub those last couple of centimetres on the edges is to corner hard, and my physics tells me that can't happen without a fair bit of force. Are the tyres still slippery right out to the edge after riding for a while? Or does heating and general wear get rid of the crap off the edges?

    Was thinking this as I did 100 or so around a 60 km/h corner around the outside of a slow milk truck this morning (in my own lane, the only overtaking lane for a fair way), and it didn't let go or even feel skittish, so...
  2. Your leaning off bike skill must be too high. Plant yourself in the seat and watch the strips disappear :grin: :LOL:
  3. You can remove the mould release agent by washing in warm soapy water and rub with a scouring pad.
  4. I thought of this as well. I never really had a problem with the tyre being slippery as the guy who changed the tyre rubbed it down with acetone. But I took it easy for a bit. I just gradually leaned the bike over further. I still have about 10mm on each side left as I've only been comuting since the tyre change.

    I got a Battlax as well and it's alot gripper than the Pirelli Diablo I had before hand.
  5. A fair question, but I have never encountered a 'real-world' problem with it. I'm pretty sure that once exposed to dust, sun, fresh air, and the world in general, the mold release agent disappears fairly quickly. Just take it easy for a bit and I'm sure she'll be right.
  6. well when i first read your post, the only thing that was going through my head was "just dont bloody do it" as i learnt rather painfully 3 weeks ago. but yeah the only way to get rid of all that wax is to tip in hard, but i rekon alot of the crap must come off with general use.
    in hindsight though, ill be buying some acetone and getting an old rag next time i get a new tyre

  7. The acetone thing is all you need. Next time you go to the races, you will see every rider has the stuff. Its hell on your nailpolish though
  8. I found it a bit slippery scuffing in tyres but could be the way I was doing it. i.e too quickly.

    I usually try and increase lean angles gradually (warm tyres)

    Then when off the bike check out your tyres, next ride go a little further, so on and so forth.

    Getting the last 10mm can be easy or hard depending on your bike.

    Make sure they are warm warm warm!
  9. Just take it easy and gradually increase the lean. The stuff come off pretty easily these days and a tyre can be scubbed in quite quickly (I will do it from the bottom of Mc Pass to the top for example). Don't worry about the last little bits of chicken strip, you are anly taking it off mm by mm by the edge of the tyre, so unless you go and tip in right in at the first 25kph coner you come to you are very unlikely to come down.
  10. Don't forget the tyres deform so as long as your gradually increasing the lean angle your unlikely to get into a situation where the whole contact patch is not yet scrubbed and slippery. Your never really going to have a situation where the contact patch is solely comprised of just the 'chicken strips'.
  11. I put Michelin Siracs on the XR400 - adventure type tread rated to 180kph.

    Felt great so had a squirt round an off camber corner and had a heart stopping feet up powerslide!

    I accelerate fairly hard out of corners so rubbed the shiny waxy stuff pretty quick.
  12. Thanx all for the thoughts. Not going too hard for the time being, but it's feeling good and I'm sure it won't take too long to be in full effect. Need a new front soonish too...
  13. yeah i just got the same tyres too, Battlax BT 92. very happy, got em for $225 fitted, u?

    I didn't find it skiddish at all as well. As for tyre wear, on hot days and really wide leaning turns, i see that there is noticable wear (i can see the difference after the ride).
  14. When your tyres heat up 'a little' it'll start wearing the stuff away. The best way to heat your tyre is infact accelerating and braking - not swerving.

    I had two new Metzeler Sportechs, 20 mins on the road then track day the next day, no problems, people also change tyres at the track.

    Yes, be careful and remember you have new tyres, but it's not as DANGEROUS as people make it out to be, if it were then they would clean the tyre before fitment.