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New Tyre Troubles

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by koma, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Ok, this is partly a serious question and partly a rant.
    You know how bad things are meant to come in three's, well I was unlucky enough today to get the full damn double shot (six bad things!). :cry: :evil: This was just one of the six.

    So this morning i wake up to a flat rear tyre. Not semi flat... i mean rim is sitting on the ground flat. Well that was a bit sudden now wasn't it! I was enjoying my ride home last night but must've just picked up some shrapnel or something irritating. So i got out the bicycle hand pump and got it up to ~20 psi, then hobbled it 300m to the service station and put it up to 40psi for the journey across town to get it repaired.
    Got there and was told that the tyre was unrepairable as it was too low on tread. I got a little miffed at that as it still had about 2mm above the tread wear indicator... and especially for a Diablo Strada it was in ok condition. Yeah, i needed a new one in about a month or two but intended to hold out till summer had arrived before getting some fresh rubber. Begrudgingly agreed to get a new rear tyre as they had a Metzeler M3 in the right size sitting on the shelf... and that was what i had intended to fit when i replaced the old M1's for the Diablo Strada's.

    Anyway, so rocked up late that afternoon to pick up the bike with the new rear fitted. Settled the account and saddled up to get going. Headed into the city and parked to meet up with the missus. Arrived, parked, and as i was taking off my helmet i was checking out the new tyre... then i noticed it. Bloody huge scrape marks along the rim where the paint had been chipped off! These are about 1" or so long, and there's about 3-4 of them on each side of the rim. I'll post pics if it's in doubt as to the extent of the damage, but i'm really just after a few opinions and some feedback.

    Is it normal to expect a few scuffs when changing a tyre?
    Is it possible to change a tyre without scuffing the rim?
    Should i be as stroppy as i am about the extent of the damage?
    Should i just get the paint stripper out and polish up the outer rim?
    Anyone else ever had this happen to them before? Advice?
  2. It should not damage the rim.

    Are you sure that the damage was done while changing the tyre? Damage maybe there before.
  3. So after reading this and a few other similar stories we can conclude that when purchasing new tyres for your bike there's a few steps you should go through to make sure you experience no grief.

    * Clean the wheels.

    * Inspect them for any damage.

    * Phone the shop and ask them what their policy is on any damage or scratches they inflict apon your bike while working on it. (Do this the day before and try to disguise your voice :grin: )

    * Give them another quick inspection when you arrive at the shop.

    * Make up BS story to bloke who is fitting tyres about how you just bought these faultless rims to replace your old ones that were cracked.

    * Inspect rims for any damage immediately after tyres are fitted ( make out like you're looking at the tyres :) ) and complain there and then if you notice any.
  4. There were a few small scuffs before i had this tyre changed. I know there were only a few because i remember doing them whilst repairing an old tyre... stupid mistake but atleast it was MY mistake. That's one thing that i'm a little uneasy about; going in there and opening a can of whoopass only to have them tell me they were like that when they got there!

    Ugh... just seething still.
  5. I've heard a few stories about tyre places - though only with cars. Worst was the guy who'd ordered a new set of rims and arrived to pick the car up early only to find them grinding down the brake calipers to get them to fit properly :shock: (he managed to sue them for the cost of new calipers). Also know someone who's seen the same tyre place using air chisels to remove wheel nuts rather than bother undoing them (which doesn't exactly do the rims any good). Not surprised therefore by the damage to your wheel - although by now it's probably going to be hard to prove it was them. Nothing wrong with inspecting your vehicle after having someone work on it, personally I insist on it before paying.
  6. Sounds like a similar story to when I had my chain replaced years ago. Two weeks before I ran out of petrol on the freeway, had chain replaced by a small workshop I'd never used before (since out of business). When the bike stalled, I pulled the clutch in to keep back tyre moving.....wouldn't unlock the back wheel. When I looked at the bike in daylight, noticed the fine chain adjustment bit at the back had sheared off. I am sure it was through faulty workmanship (never heard of this happening before) but would never have been able to prove it.

    I still believe to this day that I would never have dropped the bike if I had've taken it to my usual workshop where I knew the guys would do a good job.
  7. I had my rear wheel changed not too long ago.

    The guy who does it (I take it to the same place every time) gets it done in no time flat, and no damage at all to the wheels.
  8. Its not normal for there to be damage.

    But since you arent 100% sure it wasnt already like that its a bit hard to go in demanding they pay for repainting wheels. Especially when there was existing damage, you would have a hard time saying they have to fix everything when you were happy to have imperfect wheels to start with.