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New Tyre report for a GSX1400

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Well, I bit the bullet and went with the Shinko's...003 front and 005 rear...... They were fitted to a Suzuki GSX1400 with an above avergae rider who enjoys the twisties.

    Update FRONTSimply putting it, stick like glue. The road conditions were a combination of dry and wet and very cold. The transition from wet to dry and dry to wet was seamless.... The lean angle did not really vary that much at all. There was minimal movement in the front tyre when pushed. THe ride is reasonable, although I would suggest running 37lbs rather than 38 to 39.... I must say, the front was confidence inspiring, even though I did not push 100% as they were a new brand...... I could not fault them on Sundays brief ride

    Update REARInteresting tread pattern, very agressive and large pattern which seems to lend itself to a long lasting tyre. The rear does require a little more time to heat up and is certainly more prone to pressure levels. We ran 40lbs to let the tyre settle and promptly decided to goto 38 to 39lbs.... The tyres were quite compliant and tracked reasonably well. There were no significant slides or variations when ridden moderately (this means high entry and corner speed but not agressive exit due to roads being cold and wet). ALTHOUGH, when ridden agressively and on the gas, the rear does slide quite a bit... They are almost like dunlops as they really let go violently.... But, this is 100% due to being cold and over-inflated.

    Apart from that, happy at the moment. Will keep people posted.

  2. mmmmmm interesting. My bike would like some longer term gripping rubber as well. Will keep an eye out for further posted updates.

    With the rear, was it overinflated and cold (when it let go) or was it like a 208 when its warm and just lets go anyway :?:

    Cheers 8)
  3. Hey Dazza,

    Yes, unfortunately, the tyres were overinflated and it was cold..... :D

    I do not expect them to last that long as the 003 is like a race tyre, not a tourer... The 005 is a mix between the 003 and a sports tourer.....
  4. Thanks. Have heard people talk about them for ages. Mike, Sluglie and a fair while back Mick and Donna. Was not wanting to try them untill a guinea pig steppped up to the plate on a large (heavy) capacity bike.

    Thanks guinea pig j/k

    Cheers 8)
  5. No Probs Dazza.

    I will keep you posted and give you the highlights after the Merimbula run.... I must say, very confident with the fronts at the moment and will be even happier after I drop a coupld of pounds as I have already reached the edges of the tyre.

    When a tyre is over-inflated, they dont flex and fold to maintain conatct patch at agressive lean... They stay their shape and you then roll off of the edge and then bang, down you go..... This is what is happening with the rear..... So, 37lbs on the front and 38lbs on the rear.
  6. so if you haven't got to the edge of your tyre, don't worry about this? i just stick with standard tyre wall posted pressures, is this why i'm such a crap rider?
  7. Tyre pressure is quite important if you ride hard or need to break hard....

    The current tyre, got to the edge in the wet, that is how stable the front is..... But, if they are over-inflated, the dont flex and will slide easier......

    Tyre manufacturer specs, increase by 2lbs on average... Do others agree????