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New tyre Question...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Polowski, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. I had a set of pirelli's put on my CBR250R to replace the old worn out bridgestone arrowstax that were on there when i was given the bike.

    I took a nice ride on saturday about ~150-200km's to try to break them in a bit.

    Now I am a bike noob, and no rossi - so i am not really flying around corners at insane lean angles, which makes me wonder if the little rubber hairs that stick out of new tyres will ever wear away on the edge of the tyres, and if I do not improve my riding ability and use more of the edge of my tyres soon will they harden up or in some way become dangerous due to the period where I was not good enough to use it?

    am i making any sense ? :/ Basically I want to wear the tyres in properly and evenly, but I fear my lack of lean angle would mean im just wearing in the middle and will have massive chicken strips on the edges :/

  2. Erm yes, if you don't lean it over you won't wear the sides of the tyre.

    However, most tyres that fit 250cc bikes are hard as bowling balls anyway and will last forever.
  3. grab a scrubber and just scrub away at the edges just to get the gloss away ... yes?
  4. Good to hear you replaced the arrowmax. They are terrible in the wet.

    Which Pirelli tyres did you get, the Dragon Supercorsa pro? and what size?

    if you got the 150/60 rear you'll find it hard to wear out the outside edge of the tyre compared to the 140/70 rear which lets you lean over more in the corners.
  5. Another one for changing away from arrowmax.

    The arrowmax are shit tyres.... Even in the dry. it just loose grip un-expectivedly...
  6. umm not sure if anyone has actually answered your question the spikey things on the tires wont become hard, jus take it at your own pace and eventually u will wear down all of the tire

    Oh and I luv my arromax tires bahahah super commuter tires i dont think they will ever wear down lol