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New Tyre Question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, May 27, 2009.

  1. I was at a bike dealership who grey imports secondhand bikes, they were telling me about how they go through the bikes completely before sale, new tyres, new brakes, major servcie etc.

    Now, I find this is a bit weird, as the bike I was looking at had supposedly had all this done, & yet there were no nobby bits sticking out of the tyres (you know the bits from the mold, little feeler looking things? Not sure what you call them...) The tread didn't look as deep as I thought it should have for new tyres either...

    Are there tyres without those bits? OEM tyres maybe? with less tread than normal? TIA.
  2. Wasnt sumoto, was it?
  3. Ummm.... That's kind of a weird question :wink:

  4. .....most can smell the bullsh#t a mile off
  5. I can't remember any new bike tyre I've bought having sipes (that's the word) on them, however.....
  6. Not really. Theres some known dodgy sellers on here. Some I wouldnt go near even if the bike looked legitimately fine.
  7. Sipes, thanks Hornet! So your tyres didn't have them?

    Yes, it was Sumoto. Saying it was a weird question was my way of avoiding answering the question, but there ya go :grin: Wasn't about bagging them out, just trying to satisfy my curiousity.
  8. Perhaps if you told us the brand name and model of the tyres, we would be able to help you, or you could look at pictures of them on the web.

    All my new tyres have had some form of nobs on them, even if they were small or only down near the edge.

    Note: Sipes are small cuts made in tyres to improve grip on ice. Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siping and http://www.sipers.com/sipers/index_large.asp

    The little nobs on tyres are excess rubber pushed out through Spew Holes during the tread formation. I don't know if the nobs actualy have a name themselves.

    Edit: The nobs seem to just be called "Spew". :shock:
  9. My tyre is so new it's still covered in spew....

    Yeah it works
  10. you should know better.

  11. Ok, not sipes then, spew.


    Apart from the fact that I went to sumoto (won't happen again), all the new tyres I've ever seen have had "spew" on them, seemed odd. Can't remember the brand, it was a couple of weeks ago. They had absolutely no spew on them anywhere.
  12. "sumoto"

    That answers all of your question
  13. Paul, Sipes are the grooves, not the nipple things.
  14. [​IMG]
    So you been there as well huh? [​IMG]
  15. Metzler m3s are the only one i know off without the rubber spikes
  16. Lol not at all. I'm not even in the same state but I've heard the name trashed locally, let alone on various forums.
  17. Well that's true [​IMG]