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New tyre pain!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Bam Bam, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. image. I got a new set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 Tyres fitted just 2 weeks ago and have only done around 400 km on them. I have a (good) habit of checking tyre pressures at lest once a week and this morning did just that. I found the rear tyre on only 15 psi :(
    I checked on the tyre and found a small piece of metal stuck in there.
    Why is it that if you get a puncture it will always be when the tyre is new??? Jeez I'm mad!!

    Anyway, this is my first puncture in around 15,000 kms of riding. Do I really need a new tyre??
    Or can it be fixed?
    I plan to take it back to where I got it fitted to see what they say. But would love some feed back.
    I don't know for sure what the metal is or if it has even actually penetrated the tyre. It's much to small to be a nail. I'd say the head is around 1mm diameter.
    I pumped the tyre back up and it has not lost any pressure yet, so the leak must be very slow. It was a week since I last rode the bike.
    Any advice is appreciated!!
  2. Should be able to patch that. Some tyre shops will feed u some crap about how u need a new tyre just to scam u though.
  3. Is a repair completely safe?
    Tyre was not complety flat nor was it ridden!
  4. Certain positions on the tyre and size, shape of hole can be unsafe to repair but the size and position of that one looks repairable.
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  5. Pull it out with a pair of long nose thin pliers and plug it. I've done loads (thousands) of k's on plugged tyres - It'll be fine.
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  6. Take it back asap riding as little as possible. Do not remove it or plug it. With such a small hole (hopefully), it should be repairable. The larger the hole, the less a repair will work.
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  7. They should be able to plug this without any dramas.
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  8. Thanks guys, that's what I wanted to know!
    I got a track day in a month, so I might need a new tyre for that, but if I can plug this up, at least I can take my time to get another rear.
  9. If you get a professional mushroom plug repair then tyre is good as new. Hit up MMMTS for a quote.
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  10. I know and I feel your pain, it has happened to me on two of my new tyres, one on my new bike. I repaired the last with the sticky rope method and not a problem the tyre is fine, even to the point after a few 100 K's I can hardly see the repair.
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  11. When they've done mine they drill a hole for the plug. So as long as its smaller then the drill size you're OK.
  12. Other half had a puncture and plugged it. Kept losing pressure. Only worked for a small time so went and got it repaired at the bike shop.
  13. Just taken it for repair at Pablo's in mulgrave. They said it can be fixed no problem. They will take off the tyre and fit a mushroom plug. Said it should last the life of the tyre. $50.

    Bumped into BENNY THE JETBENNY THE JET getting new rubber, enjoy your ride today mate!
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  14. Pablo's fitted new rubber for me last Saturday. You could have driven a truck though the hole I had tried to plug in the rear - had to get a new tyre.
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  15. I plug my tyres, and just like you got a puncture in my nice new tyres a month before going on Philip Island track. I didn't mention it at the track and it wasn't picked up in scrutineering, and was fine at speed. I wouldn't recommend anyone else do that, but I mention it so that if anyone says it will definitely fail at speed you know they aren't being factual. I always plug them myself with rope, takes about 20 minutes, and I've never had an issue. I've tried rubber mushroom plugs before but they didn't seal well and leaked air slowly, so I pulled it out and replaced with a rope type and had no problem since.
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  16. Perhaps you're an expert at rope plugs, but the rest of us are better off getting an expert to check punctures out.
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  17. Had a blast today Andrew :woot:. Was great to catch up at Pablo's.
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  18. I don't think I'm an expert, but I've always been surprised at how well they work... All I did for my first one was watch a YouTube video, and it really was as easy as it looked.

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  19. Funny, that's what I did. Doesn't work every time.
  20. +1 for youtube and the outcome was a success (y)
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