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New tyre / New tube today? (sunday)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Aussie-DRZSM, May 27, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys... I had a bad day yesterday. Going up delhi road in chatswood/north ryde and a safety pin of all things went right through my tyre and into the tube and gave me a flat instantly.

    My issue is, is there anywhere that can repair the tube/fit a new tube/ tyre on a Sunday in Sydney, so i can get to work on the bike tommorow?

    Its a DRZ-400SM, they are tubeless tyres but im pretty sure it still runs a tube because its a spoked rim.

  2. Go to a bicycle shop and get a puncture kit
  3. How do i get the tyre off the rim?
  4. failing that, go down to Repco or whateva and get a pressure pack tyre repair such as finileak ( spelling ) that will do the job in an emergency and get you to work tmw, then get the tyre repaired properly asap.

    It will say on the can NOT RECOMMENDED for m/cycles. But I have used this in the past and has got me out of trouble.

    ( just dont go hooning with the stuff in the tyre, get it fixed asap tmw )
  5. i will try to the tyre flat stuff but im worried if i ride it its gonna blow in a bad way somewhere... Damn bike shops not being open on sundays.
  6. if it has got a tube do not use the foam stuff as it is only for tubelesstyres .it will not work on tube type tyre
  7. What do you guys do when this has happened to you before? Towing companies wanted 130-180 dollars for a 4km tow.

    I ended up chaining the bike to the crematoriums pillars and walking home.
  8. i would have rang a good mate a few of us will always help eachother out my tyre r tubeless at worst i would put a screw in it to get me home
  9. down here in vic the racv road side service will send a truck to take it home.
    it costs about $70 a year. don't you have something similar up there?
  10. NRMA want 299 a year for membership.
  11. I paid $50 a year for Handa Road service, just for this. I have not had to use it so far.
  12. Thats honda only?
  13. I think so. You can give them a call on 0359525032 if you want. Aren't all major brands have their own road services? I know for cars they have.