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New tyre: Michelin Pilot Road 4

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by alexanderino, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. From the press release (PDF):

    A couple of pictures taken at the Motorcycle Expo today:


  2. interedasting
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  3. In all honesty, if they can improve the feel and feedback over previous versions, I would be happy, even if it entails a reduction in mileage. This was my major complaint with the Road 3s — they felt slightly but constantly unsettled, except in the wet.
  4. What is the difference between the GT and standard PR4 other than available sizes?
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    No information on it so far, but my guess would be construction is optimised for heavier bikes/bigger load ratings.
  6. Still no 200/55. We don't all have skinny tyres.
  7. GT, Grand Tourer for heavy big bikes with shitloads of power. ZX14, Busa, GTR, etc.

    PR3's were unsuitable for those bikes.
  8. surprising pr3's arent suitable for those bikes... it's not like they're a light tyre.
  9. I had PR3's on my Triumph Sprint GT. They were horrible. You could feel the tread blocks moving around under hard work, they cupped badly because of all that movement. In the wet they were great, sure, but that is only part of my riding.
  10. interesting... tyre pressure? how could you tell it was the tread blocks not just the tyre or tyre wall distorting... from the cupping you found or just a super sensitive ass?
  11. Tread blocks squirming is a very distinct sensation in my experience. Unsupported masses of rubber moving around under load.

    Pressures - nothing I tried made a difference.
  12. Actually, Michelin did make an optional PR3 with heavy duty carcass for bigger, heavier and more powerful bikes, but finding one might have been a challenge here in Oz.
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  13. i dont think im sensitive enough to notice... but just in case.... can you describe it? or when it happens? mid corner? power on exit? braking?? how can you tell it's the tread and not just a bit of a squirm??

    pr2's had FAIRLY large, solid tread blocks but they're broken up with sipes on the pr3, so i can see how that might occur, it may also explain why they revised it so quickly... lessons learned on the pr3...
  14. What I found on the Sprint was squirming under hard braking unsettling the front end. In some instances, almost a fast, rhythmic pulsing sensation.

    Back end, no real complaints except the wear patterns which appeared to be deformation under acceleration.
  15. Agreed
  16. So, has anyone fitted and can report on the PR4?
  17. Yet on the Bandit I found they were quite good. I did prefer the PR2's, but the PR3 lasted better.
  18. Does anyone know where to buy the new PR4 in Sydney ?

    Gary (RT1200)
  19. Try motorcycle weaponry in Mona Vale (02) 9979 4744
  20. MMMTS has been selling/ fitting the new PR4s since January ,
    They look good , and hopefully as they haven't taken the tread all the way to the edge , they won't squirm like the 3s did ...
    Still waiting on feedback from customers , but as the old saying goes ..
    ' no news is good news !' They're probably all still out riding :)
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