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New tyre - How long to wear in?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. I have a new rear tyre, and it has been 50kms since, and I am still feeling it slip. I don't have confidence to lean much and have been turning so slowly.

    Does anyone have an idea on how long it takes to wear in?

    They're Pirelli sport demons.
  2. Most times I have been told about 200 250 km should do it. But last time I got tyres I was told that it was not really and issue. Whichever, take it easy for a bit and you shouldn't have drama.
  3. just get some sand paper and rough up the edges to give it some traction and take off the waxy coating that come with them
  4. about a week of riding..or about 200 kms,what ever comes first..you'll still feel it give a little on the outer edges..until they scrub in too..but by then the inner and centre will be all roughed up and grippy. Just take it easy and more so in the wet.
  5. Depends how you're riding.

    If you just ride a straight line, they'll take ages to wear in.

    It's all about progressively leaning more as the edges wear in rather than just trying to scrape the foot pegs on the first corner.

    If you're riding in varied conditions and progressively leaning into turns a couple of hundred kms should do it.

  6. Thanks for the reply guys, very helpful.
    I might try that sand paper idea, I was actually thinking about that last week.
  7. according to the guy that does my tyres different tyres have different scrub in times. I like to do 200+k before I start pushing it. Got a new front last week and went for a gentle 120k run saturday and another 100k sunday and they are fine now. riding circles in a car park might be better than sandpaper.
  8. you need to get heat in the tyre. simple. if you are riding soft it will feel 'slippery' for ages. just accelerate hard and brake with the rear brake only for around a k and you will be set.

    took me about 500m to 'wear in' a set of bt003rs.

    heres a thread on it

    and a how to 'scrub' tyres in. all you need to do is get heat into the tyre. no tricks. no weaving. just accelerate and brake.

  9. Check the pressure too. Some tyre places put about 50psi in for some reason :shock:.

    Even taking it easy, I reckon my tyres are all good after a very small handful of kms as long as I've weaved a bit and done at least one each fairly high lean left and right handers (T-junctions will do).
  10. I would be very suspect of any advice along the lines of what JimmyD has just posted. The waxy anti-oxidising coating can be er... waxy. In other words, slippery. Heat will definitely help your tyre grip, but the acceleration and braking advice doesnn't add up.

    I will definitely agree that acceleration and braking are the keys to heating a tyre, but you'll need to do it somewhere, and that somewhere is likely going to have bends in it.

    For that reason, I'd recommend (for both heating & wearing in) something similar to PatB's advice. I tend to go through a favourite stretch of twisties, and progressively ride harder until the edges (or close enough) of the tyres are reached.

    Cheers - boingk
  11. hmm whatever but i know what worked for me. its not a bad thing to be cautious but there definitely is no need to be.

    its not about 'scrubbing' the surface of the tyre to get it to grip, its getting all the waxes and oils up to temp. by the logic that it has to be scrubbed in, that if a guy with massive chicken strips lends his bike to a mate to ride (who can ride) and leans it past where the tyre has touched the road he will crash and die. doesnt happen.

    a quote from the article i posted.

    the guy talking is Christoph Knoche, the racing manager for prrelli tire north america's motorcycle division. i reckon i would trust such a person on their tyre advice. also

    raises a good point with the change of tyre, it may not be the bike that feels like it needs to be worn in, its actually the rider that needs to get used to it.
  12. I kind of agree with Jimmy, although i do weave side to side a bit. But i dont think you need 200km's to srub it in.

    I just got a new rear pilot pure 2CT last week, took it straight to the old road. Did a bit of weaving before the corners and rode a little slower than normal one way along old pac. Got the the cafe checked my tyre and it wasnt shiney anymore so i went as hard as i normally do and never felt it slip once.

    Thats just my experience. I am no tyre expert.
  13. From what I understand that slippery feeling is from the coating they use to release the tyre from the tyre mould. Given this it stands to reason that different tyres take longer/shorter to 'scrub in'.

    I've had tyres that have seemed to take ages, 2-300km, before that slippery feeling went away. Others didn't feel slippy at all, like the PR2 front I had put on Friday. It's less than 20km from the bike shop to my house, and by the time I pulled in to my street the front felt great.

    My local tyre bloke always suggests between 50-100km of 'normal' riding slowly increasing lean angle along the way and you should be good to ride hard. He also warns people to take it easy for the first 20km, and then stands out the front of the shop with a camera and watches you leave.
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  15. I clean the tyres with 'prepwash' (used to clean car panels b4 painting) as it is a wax & grease remover & then a bit of a scrub with a scotchbrite pad! Just to be on the safe side.
    Always prepwash first as wet & dry or just the scotchbrite can just push the release agent deeper into the rubber.
    But thats just me!! Never had to do more than that.
  16. I saw that on youtube too!
  17. If, after that Dave you're still not sure, I'm happy to go out and remove the remaining chicken strips for you :wink: No good rocking up on that big new mean beast of yours with 30mm of strips[-X
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    This guy forgot to scrub his in

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  20. I just take it easy for the first 100k's and then start leaning into corners more and more until I "feel" the tyres gripping/wearing in.