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New tyre for VTR250?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by josh909, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. So i'm putting my bike in for it's 12K service on Thursday and figure I might as well get the tyres changed at the same time.

    Does anyone have any experience with tyres for the VTR250 (apart from the stock Bridgestones)?
  2. One choice only, Dunlop GPR70's . They're a sporty tyre though, so they won't last as long as the stock ones. When I got my vtr it had some Arrowmax tyres on it, they'll last forever but give you no feel, bugger all grip in the wet and inspired no confidence when cornering. When I got the GPR70's on it, it was like riding a different bike, grippy in all conditions, good feedback and cornering was worry free, they never feel like they're about to let go.

    Ask anyone, for 250's, they're the go.
  3. todally off topic (I didn't want to waste a whole thread on a small question!)...

    i'm looking at buying a vtr250, could someone tell me if they have underseat storage space?
  4. No, but you can allways buy a seat bag.
  5. thanks dude