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New tyre advice for Bandit 1250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gmullan, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Apologies if, after searching all over the place, I've not seen the numerous other posts asking the exact same question that I've posted here... Please link me if possible!
    Background is that I purchased a 2007 Bandit 1250S in Jan 2010. It only had 800km on the clock then and has just under 12000km now (7 months later). The rear tyre was scrubbed practically from edge to edge when I got the bike and I can't remember/didn't notice the wear in the tyre centre.
    Anyway the rear tyre, and soon the front, will need replacing. I commute on the freeway 50km each way (so 100km round trip) 4 days each week. After commuting 4 x 2 hours to/from work I rarely get out 'socially' but occasionally get the wife on the back as we're only 70km from Phillip Island. Whilst I occasionally blat away from the traffic lights I never get the bike leaned over: no opportunity, heavy work bag on the bike with two laptops, too scared!
    What kilometerage should I expect from a new set of tyres?
    Does anyone have a recommendation for new tyres?
    Thanks in advance...

  2. A few good tyres I've ridden on in the sport/touring range include Michelin Macadam's, Bridgestone BT45's, and Metzeler Lazertec's. All gripped very well and the BT45's lasted 12,000km or so with a mix of freeway, commuting and weekend lunatic riding. I imagine the others would be relatively the same.

    My vote would still be for BT45's. They have a dual compound structure with hard in the middle for commuting/touring and softer outers for good grip. I've also done the most kays on them so that probably biases it. Looking at around $300ish for a rear, $150ish for a front.

    Cheers - boingk

    EDIT: Crud...400km+ a week... you may want to look into Metzeler Marathons - another tyre I've spent some time on. Decent grip, but thats not their strong point. You can expect better milage with them than the others as distance is in their design. No idea on a specific number but expect 16,000km plus.
  3. Have a look at the new Bridgestone bt 023's. they have a formulation for bike bikes. have the ordinary ones on my 650.
  4. bandits go through tires somewhat quicker than that unfortunately.
    i'm interested in replies to your question also.
    i'd probably go for metzeler roadtec Z6 or Z8... for this time of year anyway.
    but, given the type of riding you describe there may be better choices, tires with dual or tri compounds that wear better in the middle
  5. Bravus recommended the Metzeler Z6, so I ordered some and am having them fitted tomorrow. Bravus thread here.

    I'll let you know how they go.
  6. Beat me to it! I'm about 6000 km into the Z6s, I think, still loving the handling and they're barely showing any wear at all. Highly recommended.
  7. Hmm, actually, checking the original thread, they're a year old, so it's more like 12,000 km without a lot of wear. I tend to just do the commute (50 km or so round trip most days, more if I go to a couple of campuses), and not to go scratching on the weekend, but given the level of grip the (lack of) wear is phenomenal.
  8. Thanks all. I called Peter Stevens for a price on the Metzeler Z6: $199 + $305 ( + $25 fitting). The price seems ballpark with other brands.
  9. Metzeler are a pretty underrated tyre.
  10. Got dunlop roadsmarts on my xjr (similar weight/power to bandit) and they rock! Good grip wet or dry, decent mileage and they steer nicely.

  11. Pilot road 2's, Roadsmarts or Pirelli Angel ST's would get my vote

    I've used Road 2's and Angel ST's(using currently) and they are both great tyres. I have mates who have used Roadsmarts with good results. Any of them will do the job for you.

    Can't comment on Metzelers as I haven't used them however some people rate them
  12. Don't worry, I know all too well. My GSX-1100 was the progenitor of the Bandits; I've got the fully faired 'EF' version. Essentially its a huge, angry torque monster with a killer topend... that somehow manages to make 100rwhp at 8,000rpm? I assume that the modern bandits are fairly similar.

    Summary? Terrible for consumables.

    - boingk
  13. Getting 12k out of a rear tyre on a Bandit is VERY good, as a matter of fact it's pretty darn good for just about any bike over 250cc.

    I could never get any more than 9k out of the rear on my Bandit 12 and even that was with the metal showing.
  14. Mmm...my rear is down to the tread-wear indicators after only 1,600km (1000 miles in the old money :wink:) and I'm really thinking about getting a touring tyre for the rear of it.

    Still, it was a new tyre that came with the bike and it is pretty fragile & hard, being 6+ years old... guess I can't complain.

    - boingk
  15. Pilot Road 2s for me; long lasting and pretty good in the corners