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New Type of Barriers for use on WestGate.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. We have been talking (or more specifically JDK has been talking) with the Westgate Freeway Alliance (the people doing upgrades for the West Gate Freeway). Next week they will be installing a new type of lane divider barrier as part of the traffic management for the West Gate Freeway upgrade.

    They have actually consulted with the MRA to how we feel about it and John's feeling is that it shouldn't be a real problem for motorcycles. The raised edge is not high enough to be nasty and if a rider does come off and hits the barriers they will happily bend and absorb a lot of the impact. While hitting the ridge may cause instability - it's better than a concrete or wire barrier.


    It's actually flexible lane delineators (made out of recycled plastic) with a raised ridge to stop people crossing into the lane - it looks a lot more motorycle friendly.

    The plus here is that for the first time ever - motorcyclists have been asked to comment!

    Q&A's re barriers.
  2. So they will be put in place instead of witches hats so people could do road work on the other lane, or more for dividing the oncoming and flowing traffic?
  3. They are essentially replacing witches hats. Since they claim they are in use in NSW I queried Guy Stanford about them. He doesn't have first hand experience but agreed that they are better than any other type of barrier for that purpose. They are/were using them on Tom Ugly's Bridge.

    (And they are a lot better than getting a witches hat caught under the bike - as Guy will tell you from first hand experience... :LOL: )
  4. I'd rather slide into that than a WRB! (well duh)
  5. I'd be surprised if there will be workfolk on the other side of those barriers.

    They offer no protection to road workers.

    Can someone update me, what exactly are they doing to upgrade the westgate bridge?

    And how is using these barriers once the upgrade in complete going to assist anyone?
  6. That is not a barrier, it is a lane divider. Nothing more.
    I assume it can be moved to increase tidal flow for peak hour traffic.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. http://www.mcwupgrade.com.au/

    The bridge part they're strengthening (so that the bridge can handle bald-headed overweight BMW riders) :p
  8. You haven't put that much weight on have ya???

  9. And I have a full head of hair. OK so it's a bit grey, but lots of it. :p
  10. They work well on the eastern distributor, the M5 tunnel approaches (they put city bound traffic into outbound traffic lanes during peak hour). Great for inhibiting ignorant assholes from jumping sideways over 3 solid lane lines to make an exit.

    THey used to have a set dividing the etoll lane and the cash lanes on the harbour tunnel entrance until they went cashless. They worked well when installed, but when placed to one side, none of the cagers had the skill to know where the side of the car was, so they used half the next lane instead.