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New twist on old phone scam

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Big W, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Anyone ever received one of these phonecalls (used to be from Microsoft, but now from some other IT company) stating they've surveyed your suburb & detected a large number of computer viruses in the area, & would like to check your computer? They ask how long it takes for your PC to boot up & say that anything over 10 seconds is likely to be infected. They then want you to go into your system to check...but I've never let it go further than that to see what happens. They say they are an Aussie company (even though my caller ID says Overseas, and ALWAYS an Indian accent).

    I got a few from 'Microsoft' a couple of months ago but now it seems the scammers have a new twist on an old theme. I can only assume they still want remote access, download programs, fleece you or whatever.

    I think my problem is that I've never hung up straight away (I've always kept them on the line & had some fun) so now my phone is seen as 'active' & possible bait! I think I'll try & get as much info off the next one so I can report it to scam watch.
  2. Just play along as if you're doing what they're asking, but don't actually "do" anything, obviously.
    The object of this game is to keep them on the phone for as long as possible, thinking they're about to get you, but never actually getting there...
    I can't wait for them to call me.
  3. Thats what I want to do. I'm just not sure the actual point where they gain access to the PC.

    Ive been as far as opening up Windows, right clicking my computer to go into some internal file to check whether its infected. But that's about it. I might turn off the wireless next time & see how far I get.

    I've had probably 10 calls over this (including the ones from 'Microsoft' a couple of months ago).

    I think my phone line is 'flagged' as live potential bait as I don't immedicately hang up like everyone else dose, so they keep trying.
  4. A family friend of the wife's received three calls in the space of a half hour, my advice is tell them that you have an Apple product - that will stuff them lol
  5. I have nothing but Mac's at home, and I got a call out of the blue saying "they have detected that my Windows installation is running slow".

    Well, if thats not alarm bells I don't know what is.

    I wanted to catch them, so I went along with it asking all sorts of "innane questions" that I figured someone might ask if they were a complete layman about computers.

    They instructed me go Start --> Run and enter a command (which just makes an error appear on screen). I said I did all that, and I got an error. "Oh noes, your computer is infected" he said. I was then directed to a webpage to download a repair application. (I went to this page, and it automatically downloaded an executable... good thing being on a mac... no fear of those or ActiveX enabled websites)

    Then I said, "look, I have to go now, can I have your number so I can call you when I'm back and we can finish it off?" All of a sudden he got very cagey about it all. Wouldn't give me a number to call, just kept on directing me to the website.

    So then I asked how he got my number and detected my operating system was going slow. More cagey responses received, then he just hung up without warning.

    Next time I get this call, if I ever do, I will instruct them to call me back in 20mins. During those 20 minutes I will be calling Telstra to trace/record whatever they do to find the pricks.
  6. We got sick of playing games with these people at home, so now when we answer the phone if there is a pause we just hang up.
  7. For a while we had an answering machine where the message went along the lines of;
    It's your money, you might as well make the most of it and leave a message after the beep.

    The amount of messages family and friends left calling me all sorts of names for that was hilarious, probably explains why I have something similar for the voice mail on my mobile lmao, but it screwed with call centres every time :p
  8. I'd be setting up a box on behind a firewall which doesn't have anything useful or important on it, letting them in, logging in via SSH from my normal use PC and tracing the connection. then closing the connection and reporting them to the relevant authorities after generating pictures of old men having an orgy.
    Moral of the story: Be careful who you fuck with.
    BTW this has been on ACA.

    Screw that, DIY man. See above.
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    That's called a honey trap, or a honey pot.
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  11. Or, for even more :-s's, tell 'em you're running Haiku :D (personally, I use a GNU/Linux distro).

    Do you still have the address? I'm curious.
  12. Basically there's not much point doing anything. You can report it to the ACCC (The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) on 1300 302 502. However, you'll be told that it'll just be recorded as a statistic as very little can be done by our own law enforcement groups since the calls are made by any number of organised groups that operate out of Delhi or Mumbai using Skype telephone numbers...

    Have fun toying with them, that's what I do each time they call...which is only about once a month or two.
  13. got the call last night..sounded like a young malaysian women and i said , ive herd about your cnt on the rasio, and she said its not a scam. i asked her..what the hell would you be ringing my number and telling me i have a virus and you want to check my computer for nothing...started to say " oh no sir, what this is ...and i yelled, fuk off !
  14. That sounds like the people who called me a few different times, claiming to be from a company called "Life PC Care", that supposedly is here to help you on Microsoft's behalf with your infected PC problems.

    They get you to look at normal Windows logs that nearly always have some errors/alerts, then tell you it means you have infections.

    They try to get you to type "www.support.me" (Google this for plenty of hits about the scam) in the Start>Run dialog box, with the aim of getting you to give them remote access to your PC.

    I strung a heavily accented "Stella Brown" along for at least 20-30 minutes one day.

    "How does 'Application Hang' mean I have a virus..?"

    "Microsoft supports Windows, I get monthly updates..."

    On and on it went. I gave her a hard time, with lots of questions challenging her claims, and straight out explaining that I knew damn well they weren't infections, and still she soldiered on with hurried insistence, evasions and even just repeating herself until I ran out of steam and said I wasn't typing anything of the sort into the Run box. All the while her speech quickens and begins slightly rising in pitch, as though the more time they've spent on the call, the more determined they are to score something for the effort, even with all the challenges thrown up.

    I asked where they were, and got Sydney, and she even gave me a number, so I said I was hanging up and would call them straight back on it, asking for Stella, to continue (the number was fake).

    Another bloke from the same outlet called another time, but I couldn't be bothered, so I said I was using Linux.

    Yet another called, and seeing a Google hit that reckoned it was coming from the Middle East, I said I had the stove on and could he wait a bit while I took it off and started the PC. Then I sat for a bit.

    Him: "Of course, Sir. Take your time."


    Me: "Just cooking some bacon. Do you like bacon..?"

    And so on, testing his patience. It was about this time after three or four calls over a few weeks I told him I knew the scam, and that he was a criminal and should be locked up for trying to scam people. And still he denied it and kept trying.

    On the days I was home from work by early afternoon and kicking back, I amused myself a few times and wasted their time and effort.

    I think they must have finally taken my number off their list.
  15. mm I still like my gay p0rn honey pot idea

  16. Thats good... very good.... perhaps add some really really sick bestiality vids as well?
    (Make sure they involve pigs and cows....)=D>
  17. but then you'd have to share your gay p0rn collection with them.
  18. I just wish I knew how to string them along a little bit, then really give a sucker punch.

    They even call back straight after I've hung up. You'd think there would be a 'smart-ass' alert or something to say no matter how many time they've called I've never taken the bait.
  19. This.