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New Tuono APRC Spotted :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Respi, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Yeah,Yeah,Yeah - insider info always helps and thought i'd share... ;)

    This will be one of two press bikes with dealer stock arriving around August sometime.

    Not going to say what i'd give to run this one :(

  2. Very nice indeed.
  3. This IS my next bike... (y)
  4. #5 Respi, Jul 7, 2011
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    Something cool worth mentioning is the way the headlights work - never seen this used on a bike before..

    The only way to describe it would be to say it's like a bi-xenon headlight setup which uses an internal motor within the headlight to control a flap or shield that flips when you use highbeam..

    Hard to explain so here's a youtube video showing you what I mean.

  5. No, it's not. It's MINE. Get your own...
  6. I love this bike
  7. Verrrrrrry nice.
  8. ***drool***
  9. It's not very naked.
  10. oh god... my pants...

    stupid license restrictions.

  11. For ne, that's the best part about. Apart fom the obvious.

    Nickers!... You're a hoon! LOL
  12. Haha ! Mate, the inner side of me is yet to be revealed (y)
    Hope all's well champ.
  13. What's the RRP? I want one
  14. Meh.

    Looks like a Buell with an R6 intake and Daytona lights. Don't know anything about spec, but visually doesn't do it for me.

    That said, sounds like they've cracked the HID highbeam conundrum in a nice neat way.
  15. Why not the RSV then?
  16. My name is down for the official release night. Very excited and cant wait to throw my leg over one when the demos arrive in august.
  17. It looks like Bumblebee and an RSV4 factory had wild wall shaking sex and this came along 9 months later...
  18. I prefer the black version, more like 'Ironhide', I guess.
    Though he didn't fair too well in Transformers 3 ;)

    The yellow does suit the 'hooligan' label though, and based on bikesales recently, it'll be available in grey/silver in Oz in addition to these above shown/mentioned colours.

    Go Aprilia !
  19. I'd probably go for the above color scheme. Certainly, it stands out, and maybe this could be a safety feature. Who knows?

    I wonder what it'll be like on long rides, though. That seat doesn't look like it's got a lot of padding.