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New Triumph for me (Street Triple)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Rogue13, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    First time poster, been enjoying reading the Netrider forum
    for a while now but I thought I'd share the good news and
    my excitement by reporting I ordered a Triumph Street Triple
    today. ETA is early December - fingers crossed.

    Only my second bike, I've been learning on a Virago 250
    and get off my restrictions in about 3 weeks.

    Christmas this year can't come fast enough!!!!!
  2. congrats, I look forward to hearing what you think of it!
  3. welcome to NR mate, n congrats on the sex-on-wheels purchase :grin:
  4. Cheers guys.

    Found the first comparison test on the net.

    Makes me feel better about buying something I haven't ridden.

    Street Triple Tops Magazine Comparo
    Triumph's all-new Street Triple has already made its opposition seem like "relics" - according to British weekly magazine MCN.

    In the first comparison test of the Street Triple against its middleweight brethren, the Street Triple was in a class of its own, storming to an emphatic win over the Suzuki GSR600, Kawasaki Z750, Yamaha FZ6 S2, Honda CB600F Hornet and Ducati S2R.

    Here are a couple of quotes from the article in MCN: The opening statement "Triumph's new Street Triple is so ahead of the game it makes its naked middleweight rivals look like they're not trying." The engine "The triple lump has everything you need from an engine for this kind of bike, whether you're a new rider, do lots of town riding or you want to have fun out on the open road." "You need the low and mid-range power of the Triumph... for normal road riding, and none of the Jap bikes have anywhere near enough..."

    The styling "...with its Speed Triple look-alike styling it's hard to disagree that the Triumph really does look something special when you compare it to the Japanese competition."

    The verdict ..."What more can we say about the Street Triple? It's light, fun, fast, agile, sounds great, stylish, cool and cheap too. Overnight, it has made its rivals seem like relics. The Triumph isn't just the best of its category of machine, it's good enough to tempt all but the most performance-obsessed of us away from our Supersport machines."

    The Street Triple, which combines the DNA of its older brother, the Speed Triple, with the 675cc engine, chassis and performance of the award-winning Daytona 675, dominated the performance testing in the six-bike comparo, easily coming out on top in the standing quarter mile, 0-60mph, 0-100mph, top gear roll on and top speed segments. In the top gear roll on, the Street Triple's awesome midrange saw it go from 40-110mph (64-177kmh) in 12.85 seconds, just ahead of the S2R (13.02), and well in front of the four cylinder machines - the CB600F (16.0), Z750 (16.7), GSR600 (17.0) and FZ6 S2 (19.7).

    Can't post link yet it's at motoaus website
  5. Very nice, the new speed triples are awesome.
    Delivery in Dec eh? Thats pretty good, i heard the waiting list was going to be hugggge :(

    Good on ya mate, pics up when you get it :grin:
  6. I thought the waiting list would be hugggge too,
    but the dealer I got it from has supposedly the
    first shipment in NSW has only pre sold 3 out of
    the first 6 they are bringing in.

    2 x white - sold
    2 x green - both available
    2 x black - 1 available and 1 for me.

    Next shipment to come in for them is late Jan or Feb.

    I must admit I was surprised and thought they would
    have a few more pre orders as I would consider them
    on of the "larger" Triumph dealerships in NSW.
  7. Good on ya, pays to get in quick
    In Black too :twisted:

  8. Seems to be the same or at least very similar to 675s. I thought the pre-order list would be HUUUGE so I ordered mine 6 months b4 they got to Oz. The first 1-2 shipments were booked or most of them were then subsequent shipments had loads available for sale. It seems Australian riders stick to "the known models/bikes" and it will probably be a while before the new Triumphs will be "almost popular" as the japanese "competition" bikes/models, as long as Triumph keeps and possibly builds on a good name (for reliability etc) so people keep wanting them. All I think/hope is Triumph gets ok in the worldwide market so the owners can at least order goodies from overseas without needing to look TOO hard. It isn't the easiest finding aftermarket/3rd party stuff for 675s at least so I hope this picks up so I can continue to mod the bike with things I like :grin:

    I've made the decision (with regards to my nerve injury in shoulder) that I'm strong enough to ride a bit more spirited so I'm doing a few courses of riding so I can learn to ride my baby [better] whilst I have this little disability. First things first and I'm going to the NetRider "pick up a bike" thing that's on this weekend so I can learn to pick up my bike or others if the need arises in future. So far it hasn't been too good for me to try to pick up my bike (after my shoulder surgery) but I do hope I don't need to learn "the skills" I learn this weekend.

    Hoping you get your bike and I may catch up with you and other interstate Trumpy owners at any Triumph rallies etc in the future :grin: I may pick up a Street triple myself as I want a naked for the times I'm in a "naked mood" ;) :biker:
  9. I'm hearing possibilities of a new Cub Tiger... 675 engine in a "supermotard" frame :shock: I think it will be the new hooligan bike on par with the TDR250 (voted THE hooligan bike... a title that so far has not been taken away)

    I will be pre ordering THAT...
  10. I have to agree. I wanted a 675, I went to the dealer and walked out that afternoon with one. No waiting at all.

    Love the street triple!
  11. when i was hunting around for a new bike i went to a dealer that i knew and tried a couple and yeah, tried the D675 and 2 days later i had it :D

    he had 2 left in the shop and not anymore due to arrive for another 3 months so i was happy.

    the street triple looks absoulutely amazing and i am jealous already. as soon as i sort out my finances i reckon i will be either lookin for a street or a speed triple as my 2nd toy :D

    anyways, finding parts for them is startin to get easier as more and more companies are starting to push them out just be prepared to pay the price as most of it is from the UK or the States...

    either way, congrats and im jealous
  12. Are we there yet?

  13. Excellent Pick!!
    Street Triple is UK Bike's magazine runner-up in their 2007 Bike of the Year. Bike of the year is CBR600-RR.

    I have my eyes on one of those and look forward to see them in the flesh and "in action" on one of netriders rides.
  14. nice rouge, i have one on pre-order also, (and in black)... can't wait for it..... been bikeless for 2 months now as i sold my cbr250 thinking i would buy a 600cc jappa bike but then had a ride of the 675 and then a ride of the 1050 speed triple and although i couldnt afford a 18 or 16 grand bike, i figured i could save my pennys up for a december street triple. It sucks not having a bike though, i forgot slow months go by!! Have a look on u-tube at all the fellas overseas with their new toys
  15. Trumpy08 I also am selling my bike in a week or two,
    and will be bikeless until December - I'm trying not to
    think about it.

    But I think it'll be worth the wait.

    Are you in NSW's too?
  16. You lucky bastard!

    I'm thinking of one for my next bike, but alas, the old "Never buy the first model of a new type" rule comes into play. Anyway, I'm jealous. I expect a full and detailed ride report!
  18. Don't forget the engine has been out for 2 years pretty much already in the "675" sports bike frame. It seems to be an ok engine from what I've heard ;)
  19. nuh im in brisbane qld,

    i agree, it will have been out for 6mnth proir to hitting aussie shops and also the parts that usualy have problems have already proved the test of time on the daytona, i hope.

    Rouge i'm wondering are you paying the 11990 + orc... are you getting gear chucked in?

    I'm on one of these subject to test ride contracts, i just hope they don't sell them too much cheaper when a couple of months after they arrive.

    I wish i didnt sell my bike so early, but i couldn't say no to an offer which was the same as i bought it for a 18 months prior.... really hope its worth the wait, my mate is riding around on his 04' R6 which he picked up for the same money i'll b paying for the brand spanker trumpy
  20. I got a bit of a dicount nothing to rave about,
    got my eye on a Triumph Jacket which I'll
    try and get chucked in or discounted at time of purchase.

    Also there are some accessories that I have my eyes on
    which won't be available in Aus in december - namely the
    belly pen, side cowls and front screen or fairing, which
    I don't mind paying retail for in due course.

    I'm sure it'll be worth the wait, considering it does
    0-100k's in 3.69 secs and the quater mile in 11.93 secs
    you got more comfort then a R6 and not that much slower in
    a straight line. Plus it looks honrny and will only be a few
    around unlike the R6.