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New Triumph 675

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nearlyempty, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. For those that have been lambasting Triumph for following the Japs by producing a 4 cyl 600, the new bike will be a triple.

    Triumph are also hinting at a desire to race it, but they would need a change of rules first...

    (Triumph have also pledged to concentrate on twins and triples for their line up from now on. NO MORE FOURS.)

  2. Sorry, the new bike IS a triple. It is finished and ready for release...
  3. I like the way this increasing cc capacity trend is going. It wont be long until 750cc takes over the current place of 600cc bikes in the market place and then hopefully at national race levels and up - or so it goes in my fantasies. There is no substitute for cubes!
  4. It also looks remarkably (eg exactly) like a Kwaky ZX6R 05 in all the mock-ups I've seen....wonder if they were accurate.
  5. I think there is some race class it falls into. maybe british 4/600 vs 3/675 vs 750 twins?

    and yeah I like to see a light 750-850 tripple. I think the current triumph one is too heavy and it's true capacity is probably where it is now 1050cc not the 900 it started at.

    But I would consider the 675 triple, if it's the right price. I hope they have made it an attractive engine so we can get some half faired versions.
  6. "No more fours"

    Sheehs, what pap. The British again doing it differently for no good reason other than the desire to be SEEN to be different.

    Got them nowhere any other time they've done it and it won't this time either.

    A four will always beat a triple, pure and simple.

    Boris might salivate, but it's a dead-end street.

  7. that may be so, but plenty of people love them. i'll be getting a tripple as my next street bike. sound beautiful, look beautiful and plenty fast enough for me to kill myself
  8. Daytona 680 was its nickname during development, the new bike is officially called the Daytona 675.
  9. i would have liked to see them step away from the daytona 650 styling though. the underseat is nice, hopefully there'll be some aftermarket full systems available
  10. the rest of the triumph range

    New models:
    675-3 sports bike
    Bonnie scrambler, with the 865 cc engine
    Other models, as this year with a few colour changes. The Tiger '06 model is already available.

    Their "mole" reckons 1500 cc parallel twin for 2007
    Likely to be a naked version of the 675-3 similar in style to the S3
    New Tiger with 1050 engine, new chassis and styling, but not till 2007/8.
    New supersport to replace the 955 Daytona about the same time.

    Range is due to be officially announced by Triumph at Paris show, late September.
  11. Yeah, why not build another Generic Jap Bike clone? Hell, no-one's likely to want something just that bit different. Might cause 'em to stand out in the crowd..... :roll:
  12. Unlike BMW who are definitely going with a vertical twin for their new T-800... Probably belt drive with a Rotax manufactured engine!!! :shock:

  13. A vertical twin BMW? Just low side the boxer on both sides, instant vertical twin!!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. That would be a vertical none... :LOL: :LOL:
  15. No doubt the viffer would be blown into the weeds by it.

    Have you ever ridden a Triumph triple?

    Ive owned both and I must say that every viffer I have ridden is a boring souless dog of a bike.

    But that's just my opinion, anf just like a$$holes everyone has one.
  16. Twins take up too much room, vibrate too much and don't produce enough power.

    4's are too wide, have bad rocking couples and hysteresis problems and produce more power then you can really use.

    Triples are THE ideal motorcycle engine. There should be more of them
  17. Funny, I find inline 4's dull and I love the V4 sound and performance. Twins are fun but I found that I enjoy the revvyness (jake word) of the V4. As for being a dog of a bike, that's bullshit. Will have to give a triple a go one day to see what the hype is all about.
  18. Mmm, I wonder why it is then, that if triples are the "ideal" motorcycle engine, there are so few of them?

    Could it be that right here in Netrider, we have someone who knows more than all the collective wisdom and research of all the motocycle factories in the world??