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New Triumph 675 or used 749 Ducati

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mactype, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Looking around for a new bike, drama is the heads saying get a new Triumph 675 as I just can't find anyone, anywhere that says anything wrong about them.

    But looking around at the second hand market it appears I can get a very good 749 Ducati with low k's and goodies for slightly less (or even a second hand 675 for less again).

    Suppose my only concern is potential cost of ownership on a second hand bike - appears you wouldn't want to spend near new Triumph money and then be hit with a couple of grand service bill.

    Or should I just bite the bullet and take the finance over another year and buy a new 848????

    Thoughts anyone....

  2. A 675 will monster a 749 in almost every conceivable way. More power, less weight, faster steering, lower service costs, etc.

    Still, the 749 is a Ducati, and Ducati's are not about value for money. If you really want a Ducati, then I'd still steer clear of the 749 as they're of the same mould as the 999, and not as popular as the older 748's or 998's.

    So, if you want a Ducati, then the 848 is your bike. You need to carefully account for your money though. It'll also be dearer to insure, and dearer to service.

    Around a track, or on the road, the 848 and the 675 will be a poofteenth of a second between each other. The 848 has better stock suspension, but the 675 is so light and flickable and compensates in that way. The 675 will match the 848 in a straight line if that's your line, right up to 220kph or so is my guess based upon the dyno graphs floating about. For a quarter of the price difference between a 675 and an 848, you could install better suspension on the 675 than on the 848, and have your cake and eat it too.

    I'm trying my best to be unbiased here (I do own a 675), but I also have a serious thing for the 848 and have researched long and hard about buying one, but I personally can't see how the 848 does anything particularly better than a 675. It's just a different bike. It is a Ducati though, and for some that means something. For me whom brand names have little effect on, it counts for nothing.
  3. Was checking out the 848 yesterday. I think the rep ssaid $23k ride away and $28k ride away for the 1098. For $5k i wouldnt even bother with the 848. Sure it looked ok but my honest thought of it was that it was too small and it actually looked kinda roughly finished. So did the 1098 for that matter.

    Maybe im just used to the Japanese "mass production" finish quality and not the handmade italian finish quality.

    But, I didnt ride either of the two so im being entirely superficial..
  4. If you want a ducati buy one, if you don't really care too much buy the 675. :cool:
  5. ok, so it appears the 675 is a far better bike than a used Ducati, which confirms my original thinking on the matter. So forget that.

    Suppose I've always lusted after Ducati for some reason whereas I look at the Triumph, know its good, can't justify that the 848 is $7k better but still want one - have also noticed a lot of 675 owners either upgrading or talking about getting a 848 so thats been on my mind.

    Will just have to ride em both and see..
  6. Your are 100% correct.

    When I asked if the 848 was equiv. to the 1098 or 1098s I was told the former. Which means you are only paying $5k difference!
    Had it been set up with the S config. bits then the margin was more like 10k.
  7. I've only read the reviews (*lots* of 'em!), so take this for what it's worth, but I think the 675 will crap all over the 749. And unless you have money to burn, it's hard to justify the difference up to the 848. I loved the suggestion above - get the 675 and trick out the suspension a bit for a better bike than the 848 and still cheaper.
  8. 675. No question. Unless you're a brand-slave poodle.
  9. Who's taking that bait?...ducatisti?...anyone?

    Ah yes, the old heart versus head conundrum. You could screw them both and go with the crotch...when has it ever let us down? :wink:
  10. Err.. pointless asking which one to get, since it'll be which we prefer, for our tastes, needs, opinions, etc.

    I say 675.
  11. 675 is a great looking machine and from all ive read they are also a cut above the feild in terms of rideability and fun.

    i think if you get a 848 your paying to have this convo.

    Other Person - Oh so you ride a bike do you?

    You - Why yes.

    Other person - What kind of bike do you have?

    You - A Ducati (Smug/snobbish grin emerges across face)

    Hey well thats what i recon.

    675 and if you dont like it ill buy it off you in 11 months

  12. It depends what you want the bike for.

    I will comment on the fact that, the ducati turns heads...all heads, not just bike nuts. It also sounds better, Personal preference, i know. But the Ducati's are much like harleys with there sound. Its very distinct.

    Performance wise, no doubt the 675 would thrash it around a track. In the twisty stuff, it would be alot closer than what you might think. The ducati, would be running ohlins suspension(assuming you get an 749s), and the frame they use, is wonderful.

    The 848...im expecting it to trounce the 675. Ive ridden both now. Back to back. The engine leaves the 675 wanting. Its just as linear, but at the end of the rev range, you get a nice little suprise. It also revs quicker. Im waiting to see a legit drag time between them, because the ducati should walk all over it.

    In the twisty stuff, the ducati wasnt quiet as flickable, but its much more stable during the corner. And i was getting on the power earlier. Im used to twins though.

    Alot of my mates used to the i4 arrangement, havent been gassing it out of the corners as early.

    I wouldnt call the ducati a point and shoot racer...because its capable of holding strong corner speed. But it brakes so hard, then you can get on the gas so early, and you have solid power all the way through.

    If it were a money no object, and you want a supersport, the 848 gives you all the performance of the competition, and the brand name.

    In between the 749 and the 675...id go the duke, but concede that the 675, is a better bike. I think the 749 is way cooler.
  13. Well, the 675 was a match for the 1098S at Masterbike, so that would mean that you're expecting the 848 to trounce the 1098S as well?

    The 675 is deceptively fast. It's linearity is its strength. It allows you to put the power down everywhere. As evidenced in side-by-side rollons against a 2002 ZX9R, it's just as strong as the 9R is up to stupid speeds.

    That 848 "kicK" at the end, only feels like a kick 'cos it's weaker than the 675 most everywhere else, at least according to the 3 different 848 dyno graphs I've seen.
  14. Test ride as many as you can, and buy what you want - they're all good bikes.

    ....sounds like the 848 is what you really want :cool:
  15. Maybe i should clarify that a bit more, I was refering to the engine, In terms of actual straight line speed, the 1098 and the 848 will "trounce" it. Ive ridden the 3 of them. And there isnt much question in off the line pop man.

    I considered the 848 engine very linear, but with a pop at the end, as stated. MY impression is that the 848 pulls equally hard(if not slightly harder) off the line, then rewards you with the pop. Im not dissing the 675 man. Thats just my impression. So take it for what its worth.

    I am going to be interested in seeing lap times vs the 675. Im expecting the initial results not to be too much different. But i expect the bike to be more widely appluaded once people gets used to the twin vs the i4's.

    Ive seen the dyno graph's you refer to man. The engine revs quickly, like, the gears feel short, thats how fast it runs through them. But there not. I still think you should jump on one for a test ride, and have a ride yourself. I think you will probably find the same thing.
  16. For me, it would come down to road presence. The ducati would certainly have that, sweet sound of the vtwin rumbling away, that's what pulls heads. Is it worth the difference in cost over the 675, i dont think so.

    Sounds like this decision will require hours of thought, trying to think what it would be like with the duke, then what it would be like with the 675. torn.....pretty hard choice.........
  17. For me, the 848 just says I couldn't afford a 1098. I know there will be people who can justify why the 848 is better for them, but that's how I see it in the market. It's the 1 series BMW, the BMW you get if you can't really afford a BMW.
    I would go the 675, if you ride it and like it, and spend the extra on 'bling' for it. The latest Rapid mag has one in there with all the go fast, look great bits you could want.
  18. [For me, the 848 just says I couldn't afford a 1098]

    That would probably sum it up. I guess if your goping to spend that much money on a bike why not spend more on a 1098s???[/quote]
  19. I know you're not dissing the 675, and I know that it's your impression. I care more about the facts though. You mentioned running through the gearbox quickly, which to me just tells me that the gearbox must be geared fairly low in the lower gears. I did some digging.

    Fact is, the 848 is geared quite a bit lower than the 675 in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, so yes - you will run through the gearbox quite quickly in the first three gears, which by then you'd be up to 170kph or so, at which point we're unlikely to be clicking further.

    That's all gearing though. Can change the gearing on the 675 with a sprocket change to achieve the same effect if you want more pickup.

    I'm not knocking the 848 either, but there is always a real reason for why people's perceptions may not align with reality once we understand the reasons for why things feel different. Gearing is one of the most major ways in which people's perception of drive strength can be altered.
  20. Nah, that's just crap. That's like saying to someone that they own a GSX-R600, for example, only because they couldn't afford a GSX-R1000.

    People buy super-sports because they understand that balance is more important than brute power.

    If you want to believe that people buy super-sports just because they couldn't afford to buy the super-bike equivalent, be prepared to have people snigger behind your back for being a wanker.