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New track bike :)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Hat, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. So i had a guy from the central coast of NSW come down last night to show me an FZR400 track bike, took it for a quick burn up and down the street, fell in love, needless to say I am now a proud Yammie owner... gosh it feels good. :)


    Just booked in a track day at Eastern Creek on the 29th of july, should be awesome:)

    (oh yeah i'm going to take all the stickers off, i feel like i should earn them on my own :) )

  2. Congrats mate, she'll be a blast to scoot around on at the track. :grin:
  3. Hat, that would have to be the crappiest photo ever posted on Netrider :LOL: :p

    Good on you for having a bike and having a go on the track with it. I'd never use my bike on the track, and anyway, I'd probably kill myself on turn one! As Clint Eastwood said (as Dirty Harry) "A man's gotta recognise his limitations".
  4. Nice ride Hat, welcome to the 400cc track bike club! :grin:

    From the dodgy pic it looks to be a 3TJ, SP or regular model?

    PM me if you're after any useful 400 links.
  5. Im an apprentice, i cant afford a very good camera.... :grin:

    Thanx for your input though, Cammo i would love any links you have to 400cc bikes... i can see this becoming quite the addiction.

    And yes it is the 3TJ model, nice guess. :p
  6. Some light reading...

    The best source of info for all 400cc matters (FZR section):


    Some fantastic technical/race articles (92 gen-u-ine hp out of a fizzer 400!):


    The Australian Formula 400 site:


    Si's FZR400 model info:


    Good historical read (and FZR4/6 beast):


    Should keep you busy for a while...
  7. Now you have to join a club and race in the 400cc series! I would like to buy a 250cc 2-stroke like a RGV or a 400cc 4 stroke as a track bike
  8. Thanx for the link cammo, some useful stuff on there

    Already a member of St George, but i wanna get some track days in before i step up to racing...

    Like you nightgash i was thinking about a 125gp but i hear they are way too high maintenance and 400cc is the best entry level for racing
  9. Congrats on the FZR400! I'm sure she'll keep you entertained.
    Woulda been a scorcher if it was the SP, but hey... beggers can't be choosers.
  10. Welcome to the trackday rider club. Most riders are to scared to venture to the track. You should check out http://www.trakdaze.com/phpBB3/ so you can chat with like minded riders, and not the Latte club here!!
  11. Congrats. I would love a 400cc trackbike. Do you mind me asking how much you got it for and your source for looking for track/race bikes?

    lol Asto1 :LOL:
  12. Thanks for that link Asto, some helpful threads on that site, loved to "how to ride eastern creek" one, awesome. :grin:

    Vagrant, i paid $3200 for it, it seemed very reasonable to me, especially seeing what others were advertised for. I started looking at www.400racing.com where they have a classifieds section. it starts fine and looks great so im happy :grin:-(/url]
  13. Congrats on ya trakie. Ive just bought a 99 GSXR600 for the track and racing. IM goin to the Creek on the 28 July. Your gonna love it...
  14. ^^^ JP if you were only one day later we could be scraping knees together! maybe another day, love to see how the GSX-R would go against mine!
  15. Come and scrape some paint at Wakefield park in August =D
  16. Next time Hat. Im always goin to the creek for a days worth of fun.