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New Toys

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TheSalamander, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Well now that this whinging Pom has been living amongst you all for 3 months he has finally got himself not one, but two motorbikes....

    I still miss my Triumph Daytona 650 which was just one amazing bike, one of the best (safest/most forgiving) 600cc sports bikes out there with some unique styling and with my black bike gear made me look a bit like a wasp or a bumble bee! For anyone moving into Sports Bikes I can recommend looking at a second hand Daytona 600/650, it's a bike that won't kick you in the arse (too hard) when you mess up!


    So on to the new steeds...

    A number of people I know in Sydney suggested I look at a dual sports bike to allow me to do some (gentle) off-road/trail riding so I took out a BMW F650GS for a test ride. It is a lovely bike but a bit top heavy for what I wanted and I wouldn't want to take it off road and get it scratched (somewhat defeating the purpose of buying it). I also rode a Kawasaki ER-6n which I have to say is one sweet bike (looks aside!) for commuting and in the city. If anyone is ending their P restrictions then definitely take the ER-6n or ER-6f out for a test ride, they are great handling and comfortable bikes, low seat height and will give you plenty of power and braking without taking you far beyond your limits.. I and my pillion could easily ride the F650GS or the ER-6's for 4 hours without aches or tiredness spoiling the fun..

    I then test rode a Daytona 675 (which I had already ridden a fair bit in the UK before I left). All I can say is that I am still into Sports Bikes, it gave me the big grin factor that is part of what biking is about. Also after just a short space of time the aggressive seating position is felt by both the rider and the pillion!

    I'll also be the first to admit that owning a sports bike in Sydney is just completely impractical!!! What with the traffic, poor road conditions and low speed limits it just isn't the style of bike that makes common sense! However I'll rein in my enthusiasm on the throttle for some track days and just bumble about in third gear around the city. The extra torque and close ratio gearbox means that this engine pulls well in the city environment.

    So... The first bike is my real baby, deposit paid and am now awaiting for delivery in the new year... Definitely a mean looking bike :)


    As I still want to go and do some trail riding I needed a cheap second hand trail bike that would be reliable. Talking to those that know the Kawasaki KLR250 was recommended... I needed a bike that I could ride to the trails, was a 4 stroke, was fairly bullet proof with plenty of spares available, was reliable, and had a 250cc motor.

    So after a bit of searching I found one.. I picked it up on Friday and rode 250km back to Sydney, I call it my vomit comet on account of its lovely colour scheme! It cost me $2200 with 10 months rego/CTP. I've clocked up around 350km on it now and it hasn't missed a beat. The front brake is useless (compared to sports bikes) so I have ordered a garishly coloured Stainless Steel braided brake hose for the front. The ride back to Sydney allowed me to get a feel for the bike, it is fun, comfortable and happy to cruise at 110 kmh. I'm also not going to be afraid of taking it off road and scratching it on trees, rocks etc...


    So, I'm back on two wheels and it feels great!

    Hopefully I'll get a chance to see some of you at netrider events in the new year!


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    Welcome aboard! Nice choice of bikes there, just one comment about the 'chook chaser' though. That upgrade to the "useless" front brake is a fine idea, but just remember that an over sensitive front brake and pea gravel is a great way to learn aerobatics.......
  3. True, I'm expecting that even with the SS braid the brake will still be fairly useless, however I guess I will find out how good my body armour is if I mess up!

    At present though I'd say the bike is unsafe to ride on the road in traffic as there is no way it would stop if a car in front of me braked quickly or a car pulled out, and that is with leaving a fairly large gap between us! Changing the brake fluid will also help I hope.


  4. Sounds like a great toy-box to me, and you situation allowed you to buy a dedicated road bike AND a dedicated trailie!!
  5. Dammit!

    A Daytona AND a dirt-bike?!??

    Someone's living the dream! :(

    ... :p
  6. Got to have some fun :) However finding time for everything is the biggest challenge at present, the bikes are just one of my hobbies!


  7. oi! :wink: