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New toy

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by dv8-01, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. well here it is


    here's it on its first voyage after i got it home,very dirty was orsm to be able to cruise with no need to use the throttle or rpm's to make her move,still getting used to it but its a nice bit of kit for what they are.

    managed to drop my one day old helmet,rookie mistake hopefully im not cursed

    today she's off for the clear blinker treatment and few bits and pieces better not tell the missus ](*,)

  2. Congrats in the new bike. GS500 are a good solid bike.
    I think everyone has done a stupid helmet drop at some stage. Mine was in the middle of a servo while filling up.
    Is that the top of Mt. Tambourine in the pics? Looks very familiar.
  3. thanks and yeah lookout at tambo is always good for bike pics :)

    silly me placing helmet on tank,wat was i thinking lol
  4. Nice toy. Well done.

    There's quite a few of us Qlders now. About time we organised another ride, I think.

    No, don't look at me - I couldn't organise a skinned knee in a football game.
  5. Nice bike mate!

    The GS500 is pretty reliable by all accounts. Nice colour too :)

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  6. cheers

    so far LED blinkers and some bar ends is all i have managed to add to her,currently sourcing LED tail light,streetfighter headlight and aftermarket exhaust.

    wish the rain would go away only been on one decent ride on her since i've owned her,im always keen to get on the bike but yes im hopeless at directions so we'll only do circles with me as a RL lol
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    Very nice. Like the colour

  8. Great GS500 mate....congrats
  9. nice bike mate, dont worry about the helmet drop, as long as your head wasnt in it to deform the eps and there are no splits in the shell your fine.
  10. last week
    this week

    upcoming weeks
    LED tail light
    and electronic speedo
  11. Oh yeah. Those bar ends, LED blinkers and dual headlights are CHOICE!
  12. hey Dv, nice bike. i was lookin at them myself. Got the hyo 250 instead tho.
  13. Nice striple front end mod
  14. That's a good spot for photos of blue suzukis.

  15. Ooooohhh - the big boy has arrived......B-King all the way baby!