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New Toy

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by quik blat, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. So the M50 is gone The baby is not due till late April and I got only socks and jocks for my birthday :(
    I bought a Suzuki M90! :cool:
    Picked it up last night.
    Got the Blue one over black.
    Bugger me it feels quick
    Still need to run it in
    Looks like Sunday if anyone is up for a ride
    It steers better than the M50 Has better suspension and gearbox to the M50 and sounds Well piss weak really but i knew that.
    So exhaust mods probably drilling to start with. K&N air filter if available Seat cowl is on the way and Running lights once Rudd gives me some money.
    The smaller rear tyre make low speed nicer than the M109 and I do prefer the cowless radiator. I will be looking at a anodized radiator guard to help bling it up and pictures should be available Monday.

  2. Congratulations I was thinking on getting one in 12mths or so. I reckon they should be easier to commute on and manouver than the 109. Enjoy and post a bike report asap. Would catch up for a ride and inspection but fully booked this weekend.
  3. Very nice, you must drop by if you get a chance :)

    And, we need pics :p
  4. should have them all by monday :)
    Will also be getting Rod from Ozziemoto to get a radiator protector made
    Should see it Monday as well
    at about $200 in anodised blue these look to be cheap protection and bling.
    I haven't priced a radiator for M90 or the M50 ( they look very similar) but i did on my ninja $2000 :shock: yep that is getting the next one.
  5. I had a baffle buster (hole saw with extension) made to modify the exhaust on my M109 - I am only in FTG,(really close) so if you want to see if this fits in your exhaust, you can borrow it and get a better sound in minutes!.

    Give us a PM, if that suits. Home all weekend - unavailable mon-fri.
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  7. Thanks guys
    I will be getting her run in and then working out what to do.
    I do a number of runs through NSW so it is alsways a balance between noise and walking :)
  8. Looking at M90 too. What year/kms you've got. Is it brand new? and for how much?
  9. It is a brand new bike
    With a bit of insider trading it worked out to about 15000. but there was a bit of smoke and mirrors involved
    and here are some pictures
    The radiator guard is a proto type but sets of well.
    still waiting on the cowl and has also now been debadged.
    Ride wise
    over a 500 klm day the suspension is a touch hard but cornering is excellent and the rear brake need a tweak on the leaver position.
    I will put a more comprensive write up inthe reviwes section.


  10. Looking good :cool:
  11. Just spoke to Rob at ozzie moto he is going to do a darker anodized radiator guard so i'll get pictures asap hopefully along with a rear cowl when it turns up.
  12. Congrats on your new toy !
  13. had a look at a few forums re exhaust mods and decided to go the drill option
    6 1/2 holes in both pipes and it has made a big difference!
    It now sounds like a bike
    it is a bit louder and a bit more of a rumble. I still have to give it a run through traffic to see if it stops people trying to kill me as it was one of the first things i noticed, it is that quiet out of the box.
    I don't have video but enough people have already put them up on yu tube. you can't hear much even throgh good speakers but after doing the drilling I would think that removing the baffles would be a lot loud.
    new radiator guard is on and does match nicely
  14. baffles

    If it is anything like the M109 exhaust, removing the baffles doesnt seem to make it much louder, in fact removing all three in the 06/07 109 makes it 5 db quieter than removing two baffles!.

    But it does make a huge difference to the note.

    I am in FTG, close to Rowville, give us a hoy, and I can bring the 109 around (with a baffle buster) and you can make your own judgement.

    With baffles removed, it burbles on rundown and at idle.
  15. nice bike

    i like ;)

    no insider trading here, but i just picked up my brandnew 09 M109R last week for $15990 couldnt even get a 2nd handy for that!

    peter i'd love to hear the debaffled 109 as i like the look of the stock pipes but want more of a kick in the guts sound without having to get an epa test weekly due to noise
  16. awesome!
    There are some good deals on the suzukis at the moment and I was tempted on the 109 but you know the reasons why I went the 90
    Peter would like to hear the de baffles but I don't really want to do that much to the standard pipes as I would need to buy new ones for resale.
    with holes i can make a donught and seal the pipes back uo :)
    Rear cowl came in yesterday looks awesome but really needs the rear suzuki sticker to come off. rest of the stickers are already gone.
  17. Sorry to hijack the post but just wondering what is the best way to remove those pesky stickers without damaging the finish of the paint job?

    Just to keep things on topic, NICE BIKE! :)
  18. i think it was mentioned else were but heat gun and brake cleaner
    also take your time
  19. make sure you dont use brake FLUID, very very bad for paint.
  20. :grin:
    but the sticker will come off