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New toy / overdue service

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by voytek, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    it looks like this weekend I'll be picking up my new toy \:D/ :newb: . I'm very much tempted to ride it home [-o< , about 20k of back roads, with my missus in a cage giving me a nudge from behind.
    There is a but, however :-k .
    The bike is almost new (3.5k on the clock) but it spent most of its life in the garage. It only had one service and it was over a year ago. So the oil is pretty old by now, blackish in colour. I can see the following options:
    * trailer
    * change the oil then ride
    * change the oil/filter then ride - not very keen to do it away from home
    * just ride it
    What do you guys think I should do?
    Am I going to risk unnecessary wear/damage by riding it on old oil/petrol?
    Is anybody living in the area (Beaconsfield, VIC) who could offer some assistance/garage for half an hour this saturday to help with oil/filter change before I ride it home (Glen Waverley)?
    Is there anything else that could go wrong (apart from me stacking it) with a rarely used bike?

    I appologise for so many questions in one batch, but this forum seems to be the exceptionally good source of answers!


  2. I personally would drop the oil out of it, and refill it before riding it to be on the safe side.

    Welcome to the forum. :)
  3. for 20 km's, for convenience sake, you should be able to get home...

    give it a bit to warm up and be cautious, check the brakes etc... but you should be right, and then sort it when your at home...

    my $0.02 anyway
  4. to get it home

    bring A.
    Oil (see bike manual for recommended)

    warm up the bike.
    stop the bike
    check the oil
    top up if needed.

    ride away.

    now ask the guy for any papers from its servicing so you can get a acurate history, oviously they may not want to or dont have em so, add a service into your budget, now check manual for what service things need to be done during the break in precedure and have them done.
  5. Agree with Dante, but id also add a few more quick checks. If its been in a garage for 1 year, and I was unsure of any maintenance over that period I would:

    * Be prepared for a flat battery. Jumper leads will help
    * As well as oil, check coolant and top up if neccesary
    * Bring some chain lube - probably all dried up to sludge by now.
    * Pull into the first service station and check the air pressure in the tyres - almost guaranteed to be low - and refill to manual specs.
    * The petrol will likely be pretty rooted - when you get home you may want to consider ditching the old and putting in some fresh juice.

    Im sure there are a few more suggestions out there - just remember some of us are pedantic. In all likelyhood you could just ride it home with no drama, but better to be safe than sorry eh.
  6. Warm it up properly, check breaks as mentioned above and when you get home change oil.
  7. Basically what everyone else has said it should be ok to get home if it only has 3500 on the clock
    I am heading out saturday so I could have a look but it would have to be 8.15am as I am meeting a few people at fountain gate at 9.00am or later in the arvo :)
  8. Thanks all for the suggestions. I gues what I'm going to do then is to check all fluid levels, air pressure, warm it up nicely, put a hankie between my teeth to stop the clanking noise and ride it home.

    TAZ, thanks kindly for your offer, but I'm not likely to be there that early.

    Wish me luck :)
  9. No worries mate and dont panic she will be fine

    just make sure the fuel is not to old
  10. did we fortget to mention the chain ? check / lube chain adjust
  11. lotus7 already took care of that one dude :)