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New toy... cbr 954!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by enigma--, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. So, not often you get to post a new bike thing up...

    After I started riding harder (took me a few years :p ) and some of the riding I was doing (learning to wheelie etc) I decided the sv was no longer for me, so the search began!

    I wanted something I could ride all day on the road in relative comfort, but something that was higher spec'd stock (compared to the sv), and would perform well on the track, only the rider providing problems :)

    I rode a few different bikes, a R6, sv thou, fz1, none really did it for me till I got on this 954. Only went up and down the street, but it 'felt right'

    Picked it up Friday night, did 350km yesterday... and I fkin love this thing! So smooth, so much power, and actually not to uncomfy!


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  2. I cannot even begin the express how insanely jealous I am!!
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  3. Nice paint scheme. Now just get rid of those ugly indicators.
  4. Yeah, they will go! He had some tube like ones, I'm not a fan but we'll see. Also, that red on the rims isn't tape... it's paint. Wtf? Gonna have to do something about that!
  5. Yeah, you wanna lose that.

    As for indicators, you can get good quality LED ones from eBay.
  6. A friend has suggested polishing the bare metal... I haven't looked into it yet... but I think the bright silver might be to much for this. Maybe just respray matte black?

    Will order some LEDs, I'm assuming instead of ordering a flasher relay you can just whack a resistor in the line somewhere?
  7. Nice colour,great bike,light as a 600 with power like a thou(for age)wheelie machine and great on fuel,(if you're watching you're licence...)
  8. Just order a relay; they're cheap and you don't have to fool around splicing into wires.
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  9. nice choice, welcome to the Hoonda family
  10. hey congrats, the 954s are awesome!...especially in yellow :p but blue's nice too
  11. one bootiful looking machine. congrats
  12. Awesome looking bike. I'm hoping to be joining the 954 club later in the year.
  13. Nice bike. The good wife is looking at these too atm. What year is it? Does it have many ks? I hear these are an awesome machine.
  14. Thanks guys n gals :)

    My friend has one in yellow... I'm not a fan. I guess that's why things come in more than one colour :p

    It's a 2003 with 29,000km on it. The power this thing has is a bit intimidating, but it comes on friendly enough. Gotta remember it is a baby thou :)
  15. Lovely, lovely, lovely.......

    Nice machine.......

    Slightly off-track --> you aren't one of Pezza's mates are you?

    Again - nice new toy....well done :D
  16. Meanwhile........I think your sig need a change from....

    "the destination is but an excuse for the journey."


    "the DETONATION is but an excuse for the journey."
  17. I'm going against the trends here: leave it exactly as it is!
  18. Cheers man! I met pezza a few times before he moved overseas... oops, Tassie.

    Sounds about right :D

    I think I will actually, after looking at it last night, it's not to shabby!
  19. Love the colour of the bike
  20. Congrats on your choice, picked mine up last Saturday, 03' with 35k on the clock, black/red

    I'm still a little rusty being back on sports bike after a few years off, but i think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship