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New To You! From CBF to MT-01 . . .

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HillsRider, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Hi All,
    Just a quickie to say hi - this is my first post on your great forum. I've been riding since age 10 (49 now) and have a Honda CBF1000 - an under-rated wonderful bike. For all its talents i'm looking for something more, having lived only on a diet of off-road thumpers over the years. I'm seriously looking at the Yamy MT-01 and actually rode one 18 mths ago prior to getting the CBF. It is, in a word, supernatural. A misunderstood and sureal mix of sportsbike suspension, frame tech and brakes with a THUMPING 1670cc V-twin Warrior motor. Who thought that up!!?? Anyway, I'm due for another ride soon to decide. I came across this review by a forum member, written in 2008:
    A better review on any bike I have never read! Anywhere. If the author (nice2Bnaked) is still around t'would be good to hear how his love affair has progressed. Also, if there's any other MT-01 owners here I'd love to hear about your experiences - good and/or bad with the bike.
    Cheers for now and thanks for putting a great forum together! - HillsRider. (y)

  2. I haven't ridden one at all, but it's got to be one of the most beautiful bikes Yamaha have put together. I'm biased though, because it was designed by the same bloke who designed the greatest motorcycle of the 20th century. (SR500)
  3. This bike scares me:eek:hno:

    I love the look of this bike and the complete lack of regard for normal convention and sanity, it looks like the engineers got togethor, popped a few beers and said "let's build a bike that we would ride!"
  4. Thanks guys, Great to be welcomed in. Yeah, MT-01 is an engineer's dream. Cheers.
  5. Hi Hillsrider,

    I like it, i think it has character, and it has the juice when you need it.
  6. there is a Netrider member named Troy who has (or at least had,) an MT-01; he was completely besotted :LOL:.
  7. I used to want one of these but I don't really like the tank design.
    You can actually get an official MT-0S kit for it which I think looks pretty cool.
  8. That looks like something out of "Mad Max" !!!
  9. a mate has a MT-01, looks amazing, sounds amazing without a set of pipes, and absolutely crazy with a set! Just sitting on it with that big v-twin thumping is crazy!! scary!! going to have to con him for a ride at some stage!
  10. Thanks for all the reponses guys. Hey, KDE that 'MT-0S' kit looks the goods. I like the tank especially - much better than standard, bet it cost a packet. Cheers, HillsRider.
  11. welcome in mate :)
  12. Hey Hillsrider, welcome to NR.
  13. Thanks for the welcome guys!

    QuarterWit - You're right! That SR500 is a beautiful machine - an absolute classic. I've never really been aware of them and don't really know why. Don't know how I could have missed such a handsome bike through the years!