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New to Trail/Dirt Bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by serbpie, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, im sure you have proberly been asked this many times, but ive done a quick search through the forums and couldnt really find all the answers i wanted.

    I have some trail/dirt bike experience on a friends husqy, been out riding a few times i got the hang of it pretty quick. Ive also had some road experience on a friends aprillia 150, but unfortunatly its only a small amount of experience since my learners permit has expired and my family and gf are tottally against the idea of me having a road bike. So since i cant ride on the road i guess the next best thing for me is offroad.

    i want a 2nd hand bike, becuase anyone can have a stack and im more then likely to drop the thing

    Is there a difference between a trail bike and a dirt bike? If so what?
    I want to load the bike up on a trailer and just take it out to a dirt track somewhere.. So what would suit me..?

    Im still tossing up between a 125 and a 250.. is the power difference worth it?

    What should i look out for when buying a used bike?

    Does anyone know of any good tracks/ areas to go riding around Sydney other then white rock?

    and finally any recomendations on what bike would be good ex yz125, kx125 etc?

    Any help/info would be much appreciated, let me know if ive left any thing else important out ..
  2. In NSW, without rego, you're restricted to riding at motocross tracks or bike parks like Catombal. Both are few and far between and long distances away. They also get boring very quickly as you're riding the same track day after day.
    Your best bet is to buy a bike with full registration and then take advantage of any number of spots in NSW. Dirtbikeworld.net regularly organises rides for registered and licenced offroad bikers.