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new to track days

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Snowman, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Hi guys Ive been thinking about participating in a trackday and have a few questions.

    Is it ok to bring a fully registered road bike to a trackday?

    How much do they cost per day?

    Can I just rock up in full leathers with a full tank of fuel and off I go??

    lol I really have no idea.

    The closest track to me is eastern creek by the way.


  2. 1) Yes. Many people ride their road bikes at track days. It's important that your bike is in good working order.

    2) $229 is the current price for a track day at Eastern Creek.

    3) Once you've booked in all you need is a bike and full leathers (1pc or 2pc zip together,) gloves, boots and a helmet. You probably need to book 3-4 weeks in advance as they fill up quickly.
  3. I'm fairly sure you may have to tape up head lights and idicators too, basically any "forward facing glass" which often includes plastics too.

    That way if anything smashes it should hold together better rather than just spraying all over the track for everyone else to discover.

    I'd also be inclined to bring a mate with a ute.. JUST in case something goes wrong, you dont want to add to your misery with the bill from a tow truck.
  4. Ok, also someone told me you need to drill and put pins thru some bolts on your bike or is this just for racing?

    lol, definitely hoping not to crash, i might go a few times and take it easy and if i really enjoy it ill get an old cbr250 or something that i could chuck in the bin as i leave if i crash and not be too out of pocket :p
  5. Is there a good website to check out some crashed bikes that would be suitable for track use? i know of pickles auctions....

    might be able to split the cost of a track toy with a mate (y)
  6. You do not have to tape up lights or indicators. Some people do just incase, but it is not a requirement. The only thing I would tell you to do is to take your mirrors off. They will be taped up as you should never be looking behind yourself on the track. You do not have to drill bolts or wire anything for a track day. This is called lock wiring, and is for race bikes only.

    If you are taking your road bike and you do not have a trailer or ute then you must remember that it is your way home. So take it easy. The track is a lot safer then a spirited ride through the local twisties so if you remember your personal limits you chances of crashing are minimal.

    As for getting a track-only bike, it is a brilliant idea. However go on your road bike first and find out what it is like. Just remember, it's your road bike you dont wanna be patching it up, so take it easy.

    My advice for a buying a track bike would not be to buy an older write off. But rather find a bike that is either race ready or track ready. This will be a much cheaper option in the long run. There are plenty of bike out there that have had all the work done on them and are ready to go. You should be able to pick up a good cheap track-ready bike for under $3000. As an example, I have spent around $7000 on my track bike and it is probably only worth $3000 - $3500 in resale value.

    Keep a look out on various motorcycle forum classifieds. There are plenty around. A few to get you started...



    The formula xtreme website is a great place to find track bikes.
  7. If you want a damaged bike you can also try Motorcycle Disposals but their pricing can be interesting at times. I agree with Mike.Unless you want something specific with super extra awesome that doesnt come up too often...like a Daytona 675.....try to find a predone bike if you can. Will be cheaper and easier. Theres an 03 GSXR1000 on Trakdaze now for $6000. Its in QLD but wouldnt cost a lot to ship.

    Theres always a few around. The above sites will get you one.
  8. wow Sprinter!! You sound like an incredibily intelligent man.
  9. Also, to buy a good cheap track bike, visit your local NSW club meetings, ie St George, PCRA etc. Walk along pit lane and you will see bikes for sale from people upgrading. Do not be afraid to bargain or arrange to test the bike at a track day.

  10. Good looking too...
  11. I too am keen on doing a track day at eastern creek soon. Never done one before but really want to wind my bike out a bit without feeling guilty about breaking the law. Anyone going on the 24th July?

    Being my first ever track day I would be joining the white group. Anyone have any experience as to how fast you actually go in that group? Like does everyone just put around the track in 2nd gear or do you actually get a chance to go fast and lean the bike over abit?
  12. Lob0, they basically give you a riders briefing, provide an ambulance in case of injury, assign a recovery team to collect your broken bike if you fall off, position flag marshals at heaps of corners with a controller to co-ordinate it all.........and then let you go as fast as you are capable - everyone will also be going as fast as they can.

    The only limitation is your ability. You'll enjoy it.
  13. Just dont go there and ride it like its a race track,just a little joke.
  14. Hi Guys, Sorry to hi-jack this thread, quick question, I have a Ventura rack on my bike. Will I need to remove it to participate in a track day? Cheers
  15. At EC, they make you take it off - though I recall seeing the low rise bar that covers the upright stumps.

    You'll need to check when you book.
  16. Speaking of that..
    How exactly do I remove one? I've got one on my hornet and want to take it off. I have a knob thing which is on very tight. WD40, a screwdriver as a lever and a lot of cursing later and it's still as tight as it was originally (wish I could say the same about your mother etc.)

    How do I remove the bloody things?
  17. As D1300 said. You can go as fast as you are capable. Although as common courtesy you should give slower riders plenty of room when passing in the white group. Actually, a bit more then courtesy as they will pull you off the track if you do dodgey passes in the slow group.
  18. I was out at EC 2 weeks ago helping mates with a track day - white group had some very slow riders going around. A few I spoke to said it was their first time and they were loving it!

    If you find EC intimidating tho (large groups, fast riders etc) you might like to look at www.mdtc.com.au - Marulan Driver Training Centre. Smaller track, smaller groups, cheaper prices. I'm not associated with them at all but doing a track day there soon.
  19. Cheers for that!
  20. I'll be there mate & I'm always around garages 1-10 out of the way of the congestion that happens in the garages further down. All groups are always different, but one thing for certain is that each group has riders which are quick and others which are slow. You'll do just fine even if your bike is a 250.

    Since we are in the cooler months of the year I'd urge you to ensure your tyres are warmer before you start leaning it over. I've seen a few off's happen right infront of me because tyres were not up to temp. (1 full lap at modest pace will get the heat they need into em)

    Lastly - Get use to the track at your own pace and look at improving incrementally. Once you do one, you always come back for another. Also, your riding will improve exponentially if you do a few because you're now understanding that your bike has an ability that far outweighs yours.

    My mate gave me some simple advice to improving. "Go Faster"! My advice to you is the same. I thought I knew my bike but was wrong until I started doing ride days.

    I've illustrated this on the forum before but can't find a link.

    This is a pic taken from my first TD.


    This is one taken a month ago


    PM me mate if you're keen to yap about any other questions you may have.