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New To this

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Redrider, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Hi All, Just got my P's and just got Honda CBR 500R, upgrading from a scooter. Just realised how much I enjoy riding motorcycles, lots to learn of course and looking forward to it. Thanks and Happy New Year to all.

  2. Welcome, would be easier to know a name, where you are from might help too. Check the training/learning threads on here.
  3. Thanks Goddie, So I am Rod and have been riding 1 year (on my L's on a 200 SYM scooter) and just bought a Honda CBR500R. I am in Sydney (North Side) and now on my P's really enjoying riding the new Honda. Went for a ride up to Peats Ridge on the Pacific Highway with a much more experienced friend and really enjoyed it - good opportunity to build confidence and really gave me a chance to practice everything especially approaching curves etc. Never realised how much I would enjoy riding.
  4. Welcome! :) Glad you're enjoying riding.
  5. Thanks AngieW :)
  6. Welcome !
  7. Jeez, someone has their panties is a twist :p
  8. Hello and welcome, good step up from the scoot to the Honda 500.
  9. G'day Red. Welcome. How have you found the step up from a scooter?
  10. Homebush is the learner meet n greet point for sydney riders, find the thread and get there and talk other peeps on two wheels, you'll learn alot by simply asking and listening to the established riders, we're always learning so tune in.
  11. Thanks all for your welcome and info! Thanks Goddie will check out the Learner meet n greet point - lots to learn so that will be helpful.

    Hi Petesul, the scooter I have is a larger wheeled 200cc so its not too different but of course getting used to the gears is the key thing. I feel a bit more connected to the Honda as you sit more in it and around it, whereas the scooter you sit on it like in a chair. Have to say though, the scooter is great and fun for just quick zips around local CBD etc, but thats about it. Much prefer the Honda overall of course.