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New to this site.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Sidney, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. hey how are ya?

    I'm Sid and im 15 from adelaide. At the moment I have a 08 Model CRF50 that I might start racing. (or sell if anyone on here is interested). I plan on getting my L's this year. What bikes do people sugest? I won't have too much money which is really my main problem. I was considering a postie but that isn't worth it to me since they really struggle up hills.

    Also, you only have to be 16 to get your L's don't you? For some reason I thought you have to be 16 and 9 months?

  2. Hey Sid, welcome to Netrider... :)

    I'm not sure about rAdelaide, but i'm pretty sure NSW minimum age is 16 and 9 months...

    As for a bike to start on, have a search around the site, new riders ask this question every day and the answers generally stay the sme... Get something that you like, that you can afford, that goes.

    Good luck andsafe riding :cool:
  3. Hi sid, Postie bikes are fun , just avoid the hills.
    They are cheaps as and reliable, try the gov auctions i.e fowles or pickles as Australia post dispose of them there.
    Good luck Sid. :)
  4. yeah I'n not sure if I'm keen on a postie anymore after riding my mates LOL. Might just save for a 250.

    I really need to know if its 16 years minimum age though. I'm so keen to get my L's.

    Also I forgot to ask, does a parent need to be with you to sign forms to get your L's?

    I will go for the test at oaklands park.
  5. Moved this from GD to the welcome lounge
    Welcome sid :)
  6. Although the info on the site is not at all clear, from the above quote, i would say in SA you can obtain a Learners permit at 16 years old.

    Taken from:


    Hope that helps.

  7. That is for your P's, so it means you have to be 16 and 6 months to get your P's.

    YEEESSSSSS that means you can be 16!

    I'm pumped lol. Now I need a better job....
  8. welcome sid :)
  9. cheers mate!