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New to this Forum. Not new to Motorcycling

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rascus, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Hi all
    My name is Steve and going under the username of Rascus. I am a motorcyclist for the past 10 or 11 years \:D/ . I am closer to 40 than 30 which makes me an old man I think. I have had a lot of different and varying bikes but none more cherished than my Ducati ST4. A lot of my friends now ride Ducati's also as they are the best. I live in Knox which is part of the eastern suburbs of Melb. Most Melburnian's would know where Knox is. I am very experienced in all on road riding form scratching up the Reefton , touring the Snowy mountians and taking the bike shopping (it is a lot easier to Park). I also used to be motorcycle courier.
    I can offer my knowledge and advise in riding motorcycles safely and responsibly in any conditions. :idea:
    I will try to be a regular contributor to this forum as much as I can. Us motorcyclists we need to stick together. Please wave or nod when you see a fellow rider (I even nod to Harley riders but rarely get one back but I keep on trying). :?

  2. Welcome Steve ... good to have you aboard and look forward to your contributions. Tell us one of your funniest motorcycle couriering stories :)
  3. Welcome to the forums Steve....
    another Ducati =P~ :D
  4. welcome fella :D
  5. I remember a Steve who worked for Cox Couriers... you're not him, are you?
  6. Welcome to the craziness, Steve!
  7. Welcome to the ever increasing middle age forum :shock:
  8. A funny Courier Story

    Thanks for the welcome guys. So quick :shock:
    To mipearson no I didn't work for Cox Couriers sorry mate.
    Mouth, I used to know a fellow courier who drilled a small hole in the front of his full faced helmet so he could smoke while he was riding, not my story but I thoought that was a bit odd. As for me it as a long time ago and as you age your memeory goes. I know when I first started couriering I had to use my much loved Honda Blackbird. Now a Honda Blackbird was a CBR1100XX and was a big motorcycle. It was very tiring to use it in a couriering capacity but I do rememebr after a long hot summers day on my way home from god knows where I pulled into a service station (i don't know why they call them service staitons these days because they certainly don't give you nay service :!: ) to fill up. I was that stuffed I forgot to put the side stand down and when I got off the bike, luckily it fell over with me underneath it not damaging the bike but just my pride. I sold it then and bought a 600 Hornet.
    I have lots of stories, some can be even frightening, heartbreaking and even funny, so over time if you all like I will recount them for everbody.
    Steve :biker:
  9. gday and welcome.
  10. Glad you liked the look of the place, Steve!

    Another potential OFARC...!
  11. Welcome Steve.
  12. Around here it makes you a young whippersnapper. Welcome!
  13. Always do, one of the great things bout motorcycling I think, just like bus drivers do, makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside :LOL:
    Don't give up on the Harley rider's they've got a nod in them somewhere, I gave a good nod to some Bandidos the other day on some OC style choppers but got nothing :roll:
    Oh and welcome to the forum :D
  14. Welcome Steve,

    Would love to sit around a bar, sipping a few cold ones and relive some of those stories you have.

    Ride fast, ride safe and be happy
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome. I tend not to go to these sort of forums because they are usually inactive or to in personal. The replies already is a good sign.
    Gromit cheers mate will I see you next Tuesday at the meeting?

    Sir Skuffy, Thanks for the offer I drink Wild turkey or higher shelf stuff! Don't drink beer makes you too fat and slow's the bike down. But always up for a story or too.
    Guys I love too ride. 3-4 days touring is the best and I regulary do the Snowies, Great ocean road Gippsland etc. I am fortunate enough also to live near the mecca of Motorcycling, Reefton Spur. Any good Victorian motorcyclist would agree with me. there is nothing better.
    Well it is a nice day and I think I will fire the Duck up and go for a squirt for a few hours this arvo.
    Gromit, Enlighten me what does OFARC...! ? It is probably really obviously, I got a feeling it relates to my age :roll:
  16. welcome

    dont forget to check out friday night coffee at southbank .
    in winter we get 1-20 bikes all depending on the weather , in some 50+
    come in a meet the slobs and get to know us

  17. Sssshhh! I haven't told them about my AA membership yet! :LOL:

    A secret society for those of us with walking frames. See here:


    I'm sure JJ (Iffracem) will assign you a membership number if you ask him nicely...
  18. Thanks Grommit
    I think I will take you up on the offer I will go to that forum and request JJ to include me. This sounds like a good idea. Does an eighteen year old daughter that you built a car for and now never see count as big the right sort of criteria to join this very elite OFARC \:D/