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New to this country... pls help.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by slinkyjo, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone, I am new to this country. I've never been on a bike before until last Sunday when a friend took me for a ride. Now I am officially hooked. I'm going to get a bike.
    Long story short, I seem to have difficulty understanding the procedures of getting a license and buying a bike. Could anyone possibly tell me what are the processes involved? Are the license issued versatile for bikes in any mL catergories? I'm interested in 125 to 250 mL bikes. Or maybe if I dare... 600 mL???

    By the way... I stumbled on this website by accident, it's a great community. Not much flaming unlike most other forums. Cheers! :]

  2. Try completing your profile so people can giv eyou the right info. A lot depends on which state you live in.
  3. What the heck are you both doing out of bed at this ungodly hour???

    Oh, welcome, slinkyjo, and wot he said, if you tell us where you are we cen help....
  4. I'm addicted to the forum... thats why :p

    I'm in SA, Adelaide. I will complete my profile. Thanx :)

    Also, could you tell me if a VTR250 honda is a legal learner's bike?

    I'm about to go look at one in the next few days. Its 2003 with only 2000kms. Cost 5000 dollars. Is that a bargain?
  5. Yes on both counts.
  6. Yeah, great bike and great price for the k's!
  7. tto get your licence in adelaide:

    if you already have a car licence (including learners permit) you go to a customer service center for transport sa, and give them $270 (i think) they will give you a receipt, when you get the receipt you will go home and ring in and book for your lesson/test, it will be a 2 day course 4 hours per day, and if at the end of the second day you pass the test you get your learners permit to ride. (the test is pretty easy, pretty much change gears a few times and stop on a line...) then you are set to ride anything on this page:

    i would recommend checking out the thread "wed night coffee scoozi cafe rundle st" in the other states and events forum...i am a regular there, and they/we are all generally very nice people and very accepting...you can also pm if you have any questions about the test or anything else (ive lived here my whole life) and i should be able to give you a hand :)
  8. Hey slinkyjo, welcome to the forum. Good luck with the licence and with the bike. The VTR is a very good bike. :)