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new to the whole motor bike thing

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by surfer7, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. had my first ride on a public road at 54 after just getting my L s bit more scary than I thought felt like I wouldn't be able to stop going down hills I'm on a postie bike until I get my Ps so was intrigued to get followed by a red postal van along the main road maybe my guardian angel??

  2. Welcome, 54 only a pup. Get a real bike asap.
  3. careful, some Postie vans are driven by homicidal maniacs :LOL:

    welcome to the roads; the uncertainty will quickly disappear ...
  4. Welcome to NR mate, enjoy the ride...
  5. Hello from another oldie, I just got off my L plates last week.
    I'm loving riding and the adventures I'm having.
  6. Good onya, and welcome.

    My wife, who doesn't ride, but drives quite a lot with her work, will often drive as a sort of protection for folk with L plates on bikes.

    BTW, steady there pwbike, 54 isn't an Oldie!
  7. Welcome and there's nothing wrong with posties. As long as you're out riding you're OK.
    Except scooters obviously.
  8. Welcome to NR and to the fun of riding in 2 wheels.
  9. Awesome from the replies sounds like I finally found an activity where over 40 isn't over the hill. My second road trip was to the closest motor bike repair shop to get a service, and new drive chain and sprocket.......survived the 10 kms and saw some nice two wheeled eye candy outside their shop....the little ninjas look a good postie replacement...any comments on how they hold up?
  10. Welcome to NR!

    I think the average age of riders acquiring their learner permit is 32 - so you'll find that this is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

    The Ninja 250s are a great little bike (if I can say so myself), they are very popular, as well as the Honda 250s. There's plenty of threads about em, so have a look around. Plenty on the market as well, so you won't have much trouble finding a bike for sale.