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New to the whole bike scene

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by espy13, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. HI All, Just wLanted to say hello. I am a new bike rider and have only had my "learners" literally for only a few hours. This site has come highly recommended and it is great that there is a whole bike scene available. Until a fewd days ago I had never actually been on a motorbike. Some may call it a mid life crisis, I just say it some something I have always wanted to do but never had the confidence. I am in the process of buying a bike and am hoping to start learning first hand on the road in my local area as soon as possible. I am out near Penrith and would love to make it out to the training sessions at Homebush. I just need to build my confidence before I am game on travelling that far. Hope to speak and contribute with all of you real soon.

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  2. Hey mate welcome to NR. If you need someone to ride with (even trailing ya around suburbia) I'm sure you'll be able to find someone.. there's quite a few of us in the area. I go to Homebush regularly, so when you're keen enough to give it a go, let me know and I'll go with ya (y)

    So what bike are you thinking on buying? :)
  3. Welcome mate see you out at Homebush some time
  4. Welcome mate. Hope to see you at Homebush.

    What bikes are you looking at?

    And +1 to tailing MadAzz. She's sensible and will keep you out of situations that are uncomfortable.
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  5. I am looking at the Yamaha XV250 Virago. From what I have heard, seen and read, it seems like a good bike to build some confidence and get my head around everything. They also seem pretty good value for money. I prefer the cruiser style rather than the sports bike look and feel. I Dont know much else about them but they seem nmble and lightweight. My intention is to keep this bike until I complete my "P"

    Initially I am looking at investing my hard earnty on gear such as quality, gloves, jacket helmet etc.
  6. You may find the 250 a bit wanting after a while. I got an XVS650 and have loved it. Mind you, when I first saw the bulk of it I was a bit taken back.
  7. And by the way, don't be afraid of second hand good gear via eBay.
  8. I did look at the XVS650 however It was out of my price range for what I wanted to spend for a learner bike, plus without the road confidence I did not want to be on such a large bike.
  9. Welcome to the world of bikes :D

    This is a great website as you've pointed out, there's always lots of helpful advice on anything and everything :cool:
  10. Welcome to the nut house, Espy!

    If you like nimble and lightweight and not sportsbikes, there are also the nakeds to consider. e.g. the VTR250 (in the great Netrider tradition of recommending one's own bike) or GS500. And if you do prefer cruisers, well, haven't heard much bad about the Virago that you're considering.
  11. I said this when I had the 2008 Ninja 250 couple of months in, I was ready to upgrade.

    But in all seriousness, you'll love riding mate
  12. +1 I've got the FZ6R, and the throttle restriction is killing me on country roads esp when overtaking. How much more on a 250cc? But, it's a good start to build confidence.

    Welcome to NR and to the Bike world.
  13. Technically you shouldn't be overtaking if the car in question is doing the speed limit...you can still be fined for speeding on overtake...

    On that note, back on topic. .. (y)
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  14. Essentially all LAMS bike are good bikes bar a few
    IMO stay well away from Hyosungs and similar brands , unless you enjoy doing repairs , quite a lot.

    You need to decide what bikes you like, and what feels comfortable to sit on and ride
    Once you've decided that, then you can begin to figure out what's in your budget.
    You won't go far wrong with a Yamaha, but IMO I think a 250cc in a cruiser is too small an engine for a heavy ish bike
    I think it's the Honda shadow is a 400cc which seems like a good all rounder.
    Not to forget my favourite, the XVS650, but you may think its a bit big for you to start with.

    Nonetheless go and sit on some
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  15. Welcome the looney world of bikes and riders. It's a great place to be.

    When looking at a bike you need to work out what sort of riding you want to do and who you will be riding with. No use getting a scooter if your mates have sports bikes. There is a lot of info on the forum about bikes. My recommendation is to buy something with a bit of capacity (500cc +). You'll find the 250 Virago really lacking power in no time at all and wishing you had of bought something bigger. As someone said earlier, most bikes are OK these days. Go and sit on a number of bikes at dealers. You need to feel comfortable on whatever you end up getting.

    I'd suggest a GS500 Suzuki, they do everything really well and you won't need to rush out and upgrade as soon as you get your full license
  16. Be patient, my friend waited only a few hours after receiving his learners and bought a 2012 Aprillia RS125 4 stroke. I think he regrets after my friend bought a 1991 babyblade
  17. welcome from sunny Melbourne, congrats on the learners, get the bike that's suitable for your needs, and learn to ride THAT bike, don't buy a bigger 'cause the mates have em' learn to properly ride yours then when you move up, you'll be able to transfer your skills easier, get proper mentoring from the homebush crowd, you will never stop learning, you will feel 60kmh like flying on your bike, one day you'll cruise at 16o and think back to your first bike and quietly chuckle to yourself, but, first thing's first, learn the craft grass hopper!!
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  18. welcome espy13! if you love wind (not the kind that comes from somebody's arse) then you'll love being on two wheels (y) did you end up getting a virago?
  19. THanks for the feedback. I have been away with work which has not been great but I am back and hoping to go for a ride this weekend. I ended up getting the VIrago. For a number of reasons. It was a brand that I knew, was a comfortable fit for my short legs and was also close to home. I have only ridden it for less than a total of two hours but I feel comfortable and confident on it. Once I get a bit more skills in my local area I am hoping to make it down to Homebush. Watch out world here I come.
  20. Welcome to the fascinating world oh motorbikes & NR. :)

    A good choice of bike there. Ride safe & enjoy the bike.

    What helmet did you end up getting?