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New to the site

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MaxBiker, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, new to this site. been on a few other sites but none of them are Australia specifice. I live in Melbourne and I ride a 2011 Hyosung GT650R (my second one), first one died in the rain when I got cut off by an SUV. Clocked over 15.5K Km's since last August and I'm no where near done. love the ride.

  2. i'll bite my tongue on the hyo bashing sooo....
    Welcome max mate...it's a great forum here and hope you learn to love it like the rest of us have....be sure to track down some of the local meet's NR has running for it's members down melbourne...i do believe among other things there's a coffee night and a learners meet up
  3. I can take the bashing. I really enjoy my ride, and it wont affect me at all. I will def be going to some meets once I get the time (work permitting).
  4. Gidday Max. Welcome aboard. Hyosung eh....:p
  5. Thanks Pop, not going to start a fight about makes and all, but at least my front wheel is attached to the bike. hehe
  6. Hahaha boom!

    Your username makes me chuckle. Welcome to NR. :woot:
  7. Maxbiker is a great name huh? I can't believe it wasn't taken already. Welcome Max :)
  8. its the same username I have in all my Forums. I just got lucky. no one else thought about that name. I like it.
  9. Welcome to NR. (y) IT doesn't matter WHAT you ride, it's that you RIDE! :)

    BTW - you've spelt Melbourne incorrectly in the location part! :D
  10. Thanks for the heads up. amd thank you all for the "welcome's"
  11. welcome to NR !!
  12. Hi and welcome to NR
  13. Giday from
  14. Welcome to Netrider :)

    I'm becoming convinced that the Hyosung issue is bike-specific rather than brand-specific. On the Jindabyne ride last year Chris gave his 650 an almighty flogging all the way there and back, in sun and rain and it ran like a Swiss watch; others, well...

    Anyway, enjoy the ride ..
  15. well that is the thing. I ride mine 140 km's a day, 5 days a week rain, sunshine, freezing or hot. and for the most part it hasn't had a problem. My bike however has this thing about not liking to be serviced. Every time I take it to the shop to be serviced, it dies on me shortly after I pick it up and then I have to get it back to the shop to fix it. For example: My last service, all was well, then 2 days later one of the plug leads decided to crap out. then one of the ignition coils stopped working, throwing unburnt fuel into the exhaust and causing a fire. I just got my bike back from a service last week, and yesterday the bike didn't want to start and left me stranded 3 Km's from work, and 65 Km's from home. The shop is telling me the charging system is bad..... The one thing I can say has been good, I have been to 3 diff Peter Stevens shops due to my traveling and they have all been amazing with helping fix the problems right away. No matter what bike I buy next, It will def be through them.
  16. Welcome to NR. Hope to see you around.

    Where are you getting your bike serviced if I might ask? Do they know about these issues? (Do they just chuckle when you tell them and point at the hyo label? - promised myself I wouldn't do that.... sorry...)
  17. Peter Steven's is the Seller/warranty worker for the Hyos in Australia (along with some other random private shops around Australia). They don't laugh. The Hyo's have a lot of known bugs, and through the years they have been doing good at ironing them out. but some things have yet to be really fixed. ie: the electronics are crap. Both the Hyo's I have had had Electronics problems. they are working on them.....slowly. but I can't expect a perfect bike for the price I paid. That is why I got one, I can't afford a bug name brand, they want more money than what you can get a car for these days.