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New to the site :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Ithuriel, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys(and gals)!

    I'm new to the site, and riding too. Very shortly I'll be buying my first bike, (Most likely a GPX250). I've wanted a bike for awhile, but monetary limits have been the main problem. Now that shouldn't be a problem :D

    I'm 19 and live in Greensborough. I studied a bachelor of computing(network design and security) last year, but differed to work this year (at Netspace). So with my new found income, I'll be able to finnaly get a bike!

    I look forward to eventually meeting up with some of you and going on some rides :)

    See you on the road sometime soon,

  2. Hey mate, enjoy your experiences on two wheels and welcome to the biking fraternity.
    Remember to include a decent budget for riding gear. Proabably just as important as your new bike.
  3. Welcome :).
  4. +1 :)
  5. IS as important as your new bike :p

    Welcome Simon, see you on a Tuesday L ride perhaps? :)
  6. Hehe yeah, Definitely won't be skimping on gear, especially not a helmet!

    When I get a bike, I'll definitely start coming on Tuesday's :)
  7. Welcome to the nuthouse ! :p
  8. I must say when I bought my first bike I spent more money on gear then the bike, 10 years later i am still wearing the same leather pants and dririder jacket, well worth the money , not to mention the safety aspect.
  9. oh yeah and welcome to Netrider
  10. welcome to netrider
  11. Picked up my 1999 VTR250 last night, went for abit of a ride with some mates. Loved every second :D

    I actually bought it off Jellikit whos also selling his Tl1000! Crazy man, Now he can't come ridding :(

    Had a ball last night and this morning, Until ridding to work (Burke Road).
    Cars had slowed down in the right hand lane, I was traveling in the left doing about 40KM/h.... A White van pulled straight out in front of me, I locked the front wheel and dropped the bike and the van just drove off :(

    Bike took a few scratched and snapped off abit of the front break lever, but it seems the bike on the whole is ok apart from some cosmetic damage.

    This hasn't put me off one bit and I'll be ridding home tonight :)
  12. Welcome to NR Ithuriel,
    Well you have had an eventful start to your riding days that's for sure. Glad to hear the bike came out of it with only a little damage and you (hopefully??) are ok.
    Good on you for not being put off, a just relax on the way home and enjoy the ride.
  13. hey mate
    i'm a new rider too.
    i'm from adelaide.
    sounds like u've had a rough start to riding.
    i've encountered something similar but didn't exactly lock my wheels up thk god.
    some carelss woman didn't check her blind spot before merging and nearly merged into me.
    though i hav dropped my bike already during a parking incident. thkfully no damage but a broken break lever *phew*
    goodluck with riding dude!!
  14. Hope your not still using the same helmet.

    Sorry to hear your crash, it happens, rider placement helps in situations like that. also if your riding with park cars, expect some idiot to do a taxi driver. hard to do rider placement with tramtracks thou =/ and have a loud pipe so people know your there. we all have our first prangs. Glad to hear it was only a brake leaver. Make sure you get kevlar/leather pants. jeans just wont do, as my brother found out at a 20km/h slide.
  15. Good to hear I'm not the only one sam :D!

    Hehe those break leavers sure do like to break :( I wonder how much a new one will cost me :(

    Willzah, I was in my own lane, sadly I don't think lane position would have helped me too much :( But I do apply that wisdom to ridding in general ;)
    Saved me in the city the other day when a car decided it'd be an awesome idea to break suddenly :(
  16. brake leavers...20-40 buks?
  17. HI and welcome to NR

    Sorry to hear about the drop but sounds like the damage was minimal. Maybe need to practice some emergency braking to avoid the emergency breaking.
  18. welcome mate:)