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New to the road this weekend

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by R0SSC0, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Got my L's about a month ago, got my gear a couple of weeks ago, and I got my '95 Suzuki Across on Friday night. It's been a bloody great weekend!

    I got out on some twistys through Mt Evelyn/Monbulk/Belgrave today and I'm getting a really good feel for the bike. Not pushing it, but really getting my confidence up. I can't wipe the grin off my face.

    1 embarrasing moment: I left the fuel switch on 'off' and conked out after a couple of minutes... in the far right lane of Cantebury Rd! :oops:

    1 Annoying thing: My RJays "Striker" helmut won't fit in the famous Across boot. It just fits, but the lid won't close. Ah well... guess I'll be taking it with me like everyone else.

    Anyway, just wanted to say g'day now that I'm on the road. Stay safe people :grin:
  2. Ah congrats, and thats not so bad about the fuel switch, the sooner you learn it, and the more embarassing it is, the better cause you won't forget it.
  3. gday mate, welcome to the new life
  4. hey mate I have an across also,

    Sounds like you have got the helmet in properly but just in case - when I put my helmet in I make sure I put the front of the helmet in first (ie tilt it downwards) and it gets in a bit easier. also make sure you have the helmet facing backwards.
  5. yeah that's how I put it in...must be a touch too big. cheers. :!:
  6. haha you must have a big head......
  7. welcome! ride safe!
  8. Welcome, ROSSCO !
    Time to 'turn and burn'
    Enjoy !
  9. welcome to the 2 wheeled world, lots of good riding roads around that area....can't wait to get back and get out for a spin up in those hills agains.

    Keep it sticky side down :wink:
  10. Make sure you take your head out of it first!! :rofl:
  11. I knew I was forgetting something!!
  12. I find myself cruising up Monbulk Rd from Belgrave to Mt Evelyn quite a bit. Makes for a nice quick ride if I don't have much time to get out on the road and is generally an 80-100km ride from home with nice 60-80 km/h corners to learn on. If you see a red/gold VTR250 that's me and you will get a nod. What colour Across are you riding? Have to look out for it next time.

  13. Cheers Al. I'm riding a Red Across. I actually did the same ride today. After a week of on the road (riding every day), it was a completely different ride. A bit quicker and much more leaning than last time. I can't remember if I saw any VTR250's but you would have gotten the nod if you past me :wink: