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new to the road seen

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tony1980, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. hi all not long got first road bike but have ridden dirt most of life im keen as to meet people to jsut go for a cruise and learn tips and stuff of

  2. Welcome mate. Please be generous with punctuation and a little correct spelling will go a long way from being flamed.

    What bike have you got? Where are you from?
  3. sorry im from hay nsw and i currently have a 1990 gs500e but would love to upgrade when funds allow to a harley and then a back up sports bike
  4. and sorry but im not that good at reading and writting etc but give me a tool anyday
  5. Heya Tony, welcome to Netrider. The GS is a decent first road bike. :)
  6. yer i prefer the sports bike or the harleys though but hey ya cantr start at the top hey.
    my boys also have a cr100f and a cr50f thats why i need a big dirt bike and also for the bush riding i love so much
  7. welcome to NR, want a tool? wait till Kevin Rudd gets to be prime minster, then we'll have a tool lol
  8. Welcome to Netrider; you'll need something beefy for those long straight roads. My only disclaimer on getting a Harley would be whether you can get good service where you live...
  9. yer ive heard harleys arent very reliable but hey thats why the wife the trailer and the sports bikes useful she can tow the trailer out to me and ill swap em over lol.
    what other bikes are good on long rides like the fatboy harley style
  10. On a bike you're new to the road unseen!

    I'd speculate that a traditional HD would be a better bike for a place like Hay, compared to a typically more complicated Japanese bike, for two reasons: in any small town there's usually a Harley fanatic who has experience in, and is relatively capable with, fixing the things; and (speaking for Sportsters, so this might be way off for other models?) a Harley is a comparatively simple machine, especially if you get something from the '90s say (which is also a cheaper machine) with simpler electronics. It's something a local mechanic should be able to deal with.

    If you consider anything else, it certainly makes sense to look in the direction of big cruisers. I can't imagine what the attraction of a sports bike is in Hay (you want to out-run the headless rider?). Get something that feels fun even on long straight roads, ie something that is big and chugs along. Something with a squarish rear tyre would be a consideration, as bike tyres are expensive and you'll be wearing them down in the middle quickly.
  11. yer the sports bike for when i go to sydney etc and see the family
  12. Welcome tony
  13. Welcome to NR. (y)