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New to the realm of the bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Demaros, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone my names stephen and i'm a n00b when it comes to bikes. :D

    I dont have a bike as of yet but i'm in the market for either a cbr 250 or a vtr 250, unfortunately for me i have no where near enough to get a bike just yet.

    I'm not a complete bike nut like my girlfriend is but i have wanted to learn to ride for a few years, i guess i never got around to it :p
  2. welcome :D

    dont narrow the choices down just yet tho, theres plenty of great bikes out there. and going by the huge difference between the two bikes you've mentioned, i'm guessing you really dont know what your after from a bike yet :wink:

    have a peek through the newbie section here, theres plenty of good advice for ya :D
  3. I think he wants an over-priced Honda 250, Coconuts. ;)

    Just kidding, Demaros. Welcome to the fray, we're mostly friends here. Mostly. :wink:
  4. Welcome

    Welcome Demaros
    If you can't find answers to your questions here, you're not trying hard enough! This is the supreme repository of knowledge on all things motorcycling, and there's some people here who, in fact, think they know everything about everything. Avoid them!
    Seriously, (although I WAS serious about that) most any question you may ask has probably been asked before, and received 100 different and often contradictory answers.
    Toddle along to the Coffee Nights and make yourself known to the gang, and they'll give the good oil (metaphorically, and, if necessary, literally as well!)
  5. bwahahahahhahahaa :LOL:

    zipped :wink:
  6. you are both right, i have basically no idea when it comes to bikes :p i love naked bikes though they are so sexy, thats why i like the vtr 250.
  7. Welcome to the mad house. :D
    Don't rush to choose, try them all as many here will recomend, find one that suits you.
  8. Re: Welcome

    yeah, glitch wanted to give me some good oil at coffee this week, but i couldn't make it :? i'll have to go and collect this good oil from further away now :LOL:
  9. Hi Steve and welcome to the forum . Dont listen to anyone but me , the rest are trouble makers. :wink: :D
  10. hey ho :p
    I tried to get to to consider other bikes but he sucks and is set on a suzuki.... :(
  11. Hmm if you like em nuddy just strip em... Take those faring off!! just leave the hat on...
  12. hey welcome to our world. you will have some laughs in here and get some good tips, and some not so good tips.. :)
  13. thank you all...except eswen :p i dont want a suzuki dag nam it. i was just thinking about it and i've decided to go for my bike l's within the week, i was wondering if anyones got a suggestion on which place to goto for them.
  14. Welcome to our disfunctional family!!! You're in for a good laugh here! :D
  15. you know you want it... its obvious... just give in to the dark side...
  16. i will never give into the dark side.....NEVER!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Mine used to be that clean - before my dirt road turned to mud :cry: