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new to the gang

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by quik blat, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. hi all quick hello being new and all
    quick intro
    started riding nearly 2 years ago have a kawasaki zx2r & zzr250 a hyosung gv aquila and just handed over the honda magna to my brother to use. yes i am an addict and cant wait till mid year when i get the next two larger capacity bikes. look forward to catching up with a some of you for coffee im in rowville so boronia is on the way home :grin:

  2. Welcome to the forums....with all those road bikes though it's a wonder you have time to visit :wink:

    We have had heaps of bikes over the years, usually about 6 at any one time, but never more that 2 roadies cos the kids can't ride them yet :grin:
  3. welcome to the boards, no doubt will see you on the roads or a coffee night... oh btw don't go to tuesday night, they are the mean and nasty group of coffee monsters, who don't like newbies joining in ;) :p oh wait what no one else has had this problem, maybe they just don't like me ;) :LOL:

    cheers stewy
  4. G'day and welcome :)
  5. Welcome, interesting array of bikes in only 2 years.
  6. welcome to NR happy posting
  7. "next TWO larger capacity bikes"???

    err, you do know that you can only ride one at a time, don't you? (Or are you in the circus??)

    Welcome to Netrider, of course :).
  8. welcome!
    Happy foruming.....I just invented a word...geee I'm smart!
  9. Welcome, Blat :)
    That certainly is some obsession you have! When you're off restriction you'll get more of a range for different purposes? Of course, I'm just jealous :LOL:
  10. Welcome :grin:
  11. thanks all for the welcome.
    i did say i was addicted.
    i have never really thought about off road till recently as i am afraid of heights. but i belive it really helps learn throttle control. one advantage of having several bikes is you get to ride the right bike for the trip / mood / mood or conditions it also means if a ride is decided on the spur of the moment more people can go.
    with my experiances with other bike riders i find it hard to belive that the coffee crew are just victims of some sarcasim so will have to find out :grin:
  12. wait till you get off restrictions.......you'll have more moods. :grin:
  13. Welcome the forums.. Can never have too many bikes i say.. :grin: