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NSW New to the forums - Shane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Moosey, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Hello all. New to the forums here thought I best introduce myself.

    Im Shane, 21. Currently ride a registered Ninja 300 that I enjoy taking Sydney Motorsport Park every once in awhile.

    I previously owned a TTR-250 that was registered which I used to ride around EVERYWHERE!
    The TTR became unregistered and was passed around in the family. I later removed the engine and placed it in a small buggie which I continued to modifier!

    Later selling the buggie (it was a great success!) I had a rolling TTR 250 frame. Recently I started a new project, buying a 2012 CBR-250 that was wrecked. Currently taking the engine out of the CBR and putting it into the TTR frame.
    Very excited to start a thread and share the build!

    Thanks guys

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  2. Welcome MooseyMoosey! Best choice of bike - no bias in that statement or anything :p

    Can't wait to see how the build goes, great idea to post the progress.

    Got any cool track photos to share?
  3. Interesting build path. Would love tobsee it progress
  4. Cool man, look forward to reading the future build thread
  5. Thank you and I sure do!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. Welcome MooseyMoosey!

    A man with spanners, cool! Less & less of them around these days! (y)
  7. Welcome, I'm also looking forward to seeing your hybrid build.....
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    Welcome, count me in as follower to your Frankenbike thread
  9. Welcome to NR Shane
  10. Welcome to the forum mate.

    We have a group of Netriders who often go together to Eastern Creek and book a garage- watch the planned events section - next date 10Dec short circuit with Toprider.
  11. gday MooseyMoosey and welcome to NR - those are some awesome pics at the creek - wish I had some that cool! :emoji_thumbsup:

    katekate - you have the hot red ninja so of course your one is faster than a green one as yours has ripened :emoji_wink:
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  12. Welcome to NR MooseyMoosey . Those photo's are awesome! :woot:
  13. welcome aboard :)