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New to the forums and new to the bikes

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by horto15, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have just bought a 1991 Suzuki Across as my first bike and am about to sit my learners course this weekend - so I haven't as yet got my license.

    I found this site while searching the net for info and it is awesome! Very helpful I have picked up a heap of hints and tips already which I have embedded in my memory and look forward to putting into practice soon (monday with any luck)

    Basically decided to get my bike license for commuting into and out of the city for work, and to and from training for various sports. Beats buses and/or parking in the city (free parking for bikes!)

    Im from Tassie, FYI


  2. Welcome HORDO

    There is an endless world of info for any rider here.

    Good luck with your license test
  3. Welcome & good luck.

    You've bought a top little bike to learn on...not that I'm biased or anything :LOL: :LOL:

    Enjoy & ride safe.
  4. Well guys, I did my learners course on the weekend and went in and got my L's yesterday, so you can now keep an eye out for me on the roads (in Tassie anyway).

  5. congratstext.

    Have fun; but take care :wink:
  6. Congrats. Welcome to riding. You will love it.

    Oh and welcome to NR too!
  7. Welcome and don't forget to buy a second helmet for the 'other head' :LOL: :LOL: Ok ok enough with the Tassie jokes..... :LOL: they've got great roads I hear..... :cool: Take it easy.....
  8. Well Done HORDO!!
    Welcome to the best roads in OZ!
    You are going to have way too much fun :woot:
  9. Hey HORDO,
    Welcome to NR and congrats on passing the test.
    I'm gonna visit a mate in Tassie after xmas (i'm in VIC) so i might have to take a bike over with me. If the roads are as good as they say...
  10. perfect time of year, perfect roads everywhere.. we rode the savage river road two sundays ago and had dry, clean, car-less conditions - we also covered 500kms that day and another 500kms on the toy run weekend going over the top and back up the east coast the next day( on Aprilia Futura 1000). Damn it I am cutting my teeth on nice empty twisties just going to work every day, now I have my L's.
  11. Hey guys, thanks for the welcome and words of encouragement! I have been clocking up a fair few kilometres but its always teh same route, home, work, gf's house - I'm going to start going on a few random rides in the next month to try get a bit of experience up - have a good new subdivision going up just 5 mins from home which is a good place to practice U turns, swerving, emergency braking, etc so thats handy too!
  12. congrats welcome and hi
  13. hi n welcome :grin: