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New to the forum!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Nicki, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Hi all I'm Nicole, I'm 20. Have a 5 month old daughter and I'm engaged. Reason I have joined the forum is to get some help fixing up my fiances bike cos it's been in the shed for 2 yrs now in pieces and i'm sick of it sitting there and not going anywhere! It is a ZXR250C.

    I'm personally more interested in dirt bikes - though maybe that will change once we get his bike up and running again! Either way I have a list a mile long of parts I need to find prices for so I can get us organised!

    Hope to talk to everyone soon!


  2. Welcome :)
  3. Welcome and good luck with the ZXR. :wink:
  4. Thanks for the welcomes and thanks for the good luck! I'm going to need it! 2 years of nagging has got me no where so i've decided it's time to get things moving! Even the threat of posting pictures of it on ebay had little effect! (i'd never do it - his bike means as much to him as my guitar does to me - but shhhh he doesn't need to know that lol!)
  5. Hi and welcome Nicki..

    ZX2r's are a bit annoying to get parts for hey? We have one in the shed at the moment that i wanted to get going for my wife but it just seems no-one wants to know about it.

    Good luck anyways :)
  6. Yea i think it's going to be a pain. Apparently a rear tyre is going to be good fun. It has an 18" rim which i think i've gathered isn't very common?
  7. Hmmm don't know hey..

    But for less generic parts, keep an eye on these guys:

  8. Yea I've heard they are really good! Are they only based in Melbourne or all around? I tried jumping on their website earlier today but my lovely dial up internet was being incredibly slow and they page wouldn't load so i cracked it lol
  9. Welcome Nicki. Must be Newcastle day, with two new people from there in the same day.

    Dirt bikes hold sway in the old Steel City, don't they, but there are some great roads around the valley and it's a pity the bike's sitting in the shed. Still, I'd have to say, if he isn't interested enough to fix it himself, what guarantee have you got that he'll ride it if you do???

    Never mind, welcome to Netrider; maybe you and other non-going 2R owners might be able to have a mini swap meet :LOL:.
  10. Welcome Aboard Nicole ..and Good Luck

    +1 Paul
  11. Welcome.

    How many pieces is it in and how much do you need. Make a list and work on your list one by one. It's a big wide world with lots of resources.
  12. If I fix it (well help him fix it), if he doesn't ride it i'll sell it. I'd rather it was going then sitting in the shed doing nothing - we have to much stuff in there as it is!

    I spent many years living in Broken Hill - the road bike vs dirt bike thing is pretty one sided there - mind you the ulysses club and stuff made up a large population in town - but dirt bikes were definately more common. They actually got the cops out on dirt bikes just before i left... Their bikes may have been better then some... but nothing beats a bit of local knowledge. They didn't know all the good hiding places lol!