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New to the forum.

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by andrewsfutura, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Hiya people,

    Great forum. Ive just bought bolwell jolie with 8000 km's, 1 year rego, 1 year warranty left, all serviceing done for $700 dollars!! that included arai helmet and kevlar riding gloves and boots :grin: so im stoked. The guy that was selling it had to sell everything he owned because he was going back to hong kong for good.

    Im interested in getting the big bore kit, a gianelli exhaust and some different rollers.

    Are there any other "performance" parts that you can get? and any cool stuff like chrome or metal scuff plates.


  2. Welcome to the forums, Andrew, and I think there are a couple of Bolwell owners here, so stick around for the fun....
  3. G'day, sounds like it was a good buy, and welcome to here :)
  4. Also forgot to add i own a kawasaki zzr 250.
  5. welcome andrew
    that is a good buy.
    are you looking at doing the work to it yourself or getting a shop to do it?
    make sure you do your research before you buy bits.
    try scootercenter.com or beedspeed.com for parts.
    i have bought off both of them, scooter center was cheeaper but beedspeed were better to deal with, also i have dealt with show and go in s.a. and they were good too. also try http://www.scooter-assassins.com/ i have bought heaps from him before and he was very good.

    first thing you want to get is an assortment of rollers and you just have to mix and match. light rollers for accelleration and heavier for topend.
    next i would buy a spare belt. then an exhaust, there are heaps of exhausts out there so shop around, i got my technigas next r delivered from the uk for about $210 but my leovince was about 450
    after the exhaust id look for a sport variator(possibly one with a larger drive face) then a bore kit and maybe carby. if you do get a bore kit make sure you go up a few sizes in carby jets.

    then theres stuff like clutches, clutch springs, contra springs, cdi's inlet manifolds, reedblocks ect

    search the net to find out if the jolie is called something different in uk or europe or taiwan or phillipines, as this will help you on your quest for performance bits
    one last thing, search ebay. ebay australia ebay uk, ebay germany, ebay italy, ebay america ect
  6. It is known as the Sym DD50 in other markets.
    It is a copy of the Honda Dio, so many Honda parts would
    probably fit.
    Paul at City Skoots in Adelaide modified mine.

    If you are looking overseas, besides the places kizza mentioned, there is http://50cc.eu for performance 50cc parts. But the Jolie is a popular scooter here and there are plenty of parts available here.
    I have a Malossi MHR cylinder, Malossi race belt, "V8" exhaust, exhaust porting, lighter rollers and carbon fibre reed. About the only things that need doing is the clutch spring for smoother starts when cold and a final gear upgrade.
  7. Hi Andrew and welcome to the forums. :)
  8. Welcome Andrew, bike and scooter? interesting.
  9. yeah well the scooter was just too hcepa to pass up with the gear included, hence why my sif says "discovering the SCOOTER world" LOL bike i have had for a while and will need a rebuild soon.
  10. braddo, thanks for that site link by the way. awesome stuff to be found. Did you order your stuff from that site?
  11. No, though I was thinking about it at one stage.
    I just let City Skoots use their parts.
  12. hi, i am new to the forum as well, i have just got my L's for a motobike. .
    i didnt ever think that i would get my L on a bike, but i have, i need to buy a bike soon though.
  13. [​IMG]

    Welcome Andrew.

    If youre after performance & bling, save ya $$ & get a real bike. :wink:

    Get outta here & start ya own intro thread. [​IMG]
  14. Dont have a problem with scooters, they serve there purpose spot on. But my suggestion to you is dont waste money on nothing extras.
  15. welcome to the forums :) dont forget to get to some of the coffee nights and rides around the place , Lotsa friendly people to talk to
  16. Well, i selling my scooter now as i have just purchased a kawasaki eliminator with only 4000 k's on the clock. :) Hopefully will come along on the next ride to meet some you guys.