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New to the forum

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Spoketacular, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I’m new to the forums and have just got my L’s again. I had them in 2009, unfortunately I let my license lapse as I sold my bike, I’m back now and don’t plan on letting that happen again. ON that note, I’m keen to find a Kawasaki W400 so if anyone has one and is thinking of selling or happens to know of someone with one, let me know. I’ve had a look around and since they’re a grey import, there don’t seem to be many – if any around. Hopefully I can find a nice example and join some rides.


  2. Welcome !
  3. Hello and welcome, good luck in your search the a W400.
    Is that a grey import? I've only heard of the W650 and current W800 here.
  4. Welcome!

    Where are you located?
    There are L practice sessions you might be able to get to depending on where you are when you have a bike.

    Shame you can't go for a W650. Power to weight is within LAMS but capacity is just over - it's ridiculous.

    Good luck in finding a W400.
  5. SUMOTO had a W400 listed. 2013 model. $6990.
    Super store in Syd rd, Brunswick.

    I road it's bid brother, W800, and thought it a great bike!
    Would be a fantastic bike to learn on, shame it's not lams approved.
  6. How is the capacity over. Isn't the lams capacity 660cc?
  7. You should check out the sumoto threads here. Might find its not a 2013 model at all.
  8. Thanks guys,

    I would have bought an SR400 but they’re only kick start and I’d like one with electric.

    I had a look at the SUMOTO ones, the guy said they’re sight unseen, the cheapest he has at the moment is $7500 for one with about 15,000 k’s, it’s complied but unregistered and being in NSW, I’ll have to freight it then register it here. Total cost brings me close to 9-9.5k. In addition to this, I'll have to wait until mid Feb to get it. Which is more than I was wanting to spend or have to spend and longer than I wanted to wait. Apparantly ZOKU MOTORCYCLE CO. sold a 2007 model Kawasaki W400 with 4,222kms for 6.5k without rego, I just missed out on it though :-(
    If I can't track one down, I guess i'd have to consider other bikes, I had a look at Suzuki TU250X but they're really under powered.
  9. Welcome to Netrider. The only thing you need to know is that you must spoke only when spoken to!! :LOL:.
    Seriously. Lots of luck with your search..
  10. Haha, love a good pun! Nice work..
  11. Hello, good evening and welcome!