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new to the forum

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Captn Spock, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    new to this forum. Based in Reservoir, Vic hoping to meet some new people and share some rides too.

    I ride a 2005 Kawasaki ZX6 (636) and also a member on kawasaki forums.

  2. welcome to NR, man you should have jumped on yesterday, we did this great choccy run to dayelsford, more then 80 bikes!! keep you eye for rides!!
  3. Thanks goddie. Will keep an eye out for the organized rides threads :)
  4. Thank you Chris. Will try and make it down one of these weeks. :)
  5. G'day Vivek. That's a familiar sounding name ...
  6. Chris, now were you on the ride yesterday ? If so, are you the guy with the black n orange leathers on the vfr? I know derrr if you are just never remembered your name, just want to put face to name to tag on here.
  7. I was on the ride yesterday Goddie, Yellow and black Gortex jacket, Blue VFR, don't think I spoke to you yesterday but there were a heap of peeps there :)
  8. You went past us on the way in. Chris was awesome and looked after me on the freeways when I was wussing it.

    Welcome theforce! Hope to see you at one of the thursday night when I finally get to one.
  9. Ahhh we HAVE met before chirs, in fact on last years choccy ride!! sorry i didnt re-intro myself Chris, might see if I can pop up for a cuppa thurs nite..
  10. Hi Vivek and welcome to NR
  11. I'm feeling good now that theforce is with us.

    Welcome to the forummm
  12. hey Kneed! good to see you here too!

    Thanks everyone for the welcomes. :)