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new to the forum: post Q-ride victorian (!)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by russ, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. Hi folks
    new to the forum (and riding)

    bit of background on me: did the intense Q-ride course where you learn on the bigger bikes so you skip the 250 stage.
    Well, the "intense" turned out to be about 2 days of riding at about 60kph max after which they gave me my open license. I was waiting for them to hand me a pamphlet for an R1. "good learners bike"

    After that, a mate of mine, a really good bloke, took me out on his zx9r (me riding the zx him riding a hog of some description)
    That was scary. I did me some praying but learnt heaps.

    Now I'm in Victoria I've recently purchased an SV650s (a bargain at around 10K on road & new). This site has been priceless for finding places to go and roads to ride (cheers).

    mmm bike

  2. Welcome to the forums Russ, some nice pics there :)
  3. Welcome to the site! Agree with flipper - some nice pics. Also some great artwork in the parent directory - is it your work?

    You'll have to make it away from swinburne one day to meet up for coffee (friday nights, and by the sounds of it sunday night coffees may be starting up soon too...)
  4. Welcome Russ!! :D

    Cool pics!!

    :D :D
  5. G'day Russ!!!

    There are a few of us in your area. I'm sure you'd be able to twist someone's arm and have them show you how to get to the fun stuff from where you are!!!!

    Lil :D
  6. hey wow,

    this board moves quick, thanks all for the warm response :)

    boz: yeh the artwork is mine, I'm a 3d animator who dabbles in a bit of 2D digital art.

    Coffee sounds like a plan - I'll have to check out the details coz I am looking for someones arm to twist :D (I don't know anybody that rides in Victoria)


  7. Welcome Russ :D You can always find someone to ride with through the site. Just post telling people you are heading out and you're bound to get a response. Safe riding!

  8. now you've done it, don't mention sv650's or flipper weon't leave you alone. For some reason she likes those su...su......su...... P'sOS. ;)

    anyway, welcome to the site, and don't say i didn't warn you :)
  9. Russ
    Sent you a PM.

    Great choice of bike (don't listen to some of these people, real love is a Suzuki.). lol
  10. :D :D :D :D Hellooooooooo Russ, do you like taking pillions? 8)
  11. Hey Russ, nicetameetcha
  12. Hi Russ, welcome to the forum! :)
    Lucky you, being able to skip the sh*tty 2-fiddy stage :D
  13. Hey Nathan, Thanks for the heads up, very useful...

    I was pretty thankful I wasn't on a 250 when I was coming back up from mornington on Sunday, the wind down here in Melbourne is a bit wild :shock:

    hehe and flipper you might want to check my riding skill before jumping on the back :oops:
    a few more kms needed methinks
  14. OK then Russ, I will stick to the Across and if I need to go pillion it will have to be on a Viffer :?
  15. And that would be bad why missy? :twisted:
  16. Well it all depends on the rider and in this case it wouldn't be too bad as pillion on a viffer :wink:
    I know my place :p :oops:
  17. Hi Russ, welcome to the forum!
  18. G'day russ and welcome to netrider!!

    Hawthorn hey, looks like you're in the neighbourhood!

    I believe there is a ride to Bacchus Marsh this Sunday you could join in as well as a BBQ depending how keen you are to get out and about. And there are probably a few other rides happening they might even be listed in the Events section. :D

    Also check out the Touring section in the Links Directory page of the site if you want to get some more ideas for rides but judging by the Photos looks like you have been finding your way aound pretty easy.

    If you don't know riders in Vic who took the shots of the bike coming around the corner in this photo?
  19. hehe

    that photo was taken in Brisbane up Mt Nebo, that was the zx9r that I was wobbling around on. (I am not the rider in this photo - I'm taking the pikky) That experience taught me exactly what I could not do. Hence I do things like turning down offers of pillion.
    It's devestating I tell you. "can I come for a ride?" "No"
    It goes against every instinct. :(

    Sunday ride you say? Sounds fun and thanks for the invite, where can I find the details on that one (is that the one listed on the events calendar?)
  20. Welcome to the Forums Russ :)