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New to the board

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Old Fart from WA, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Just a quick Hi to all and a bit of an intro. Back into bikes again after a nearly 20 year break. The wife (God bless her) said "Go and buy a bike so you can take me down south on it". Well, what was I to say to that? Aye, aye dear was all I could muster.

    Anyway, a week later and I'm the proud owner of a new VT750 Shadow. I can even reach the ground.

    Gee, there's a blinding (and confusing) array of gear available these days. I've got a new helmet but trying to decide on other riding gear is difficult.


  2. Welcome to Netrider Mal

    So you'll be cruisin' with the missus. Just take it easy on her. You don't want to put her off enjoying her rides with you!

    My wife was put off being a passenger years ago because the rider was confident in his skills on very windy roads. She was too scared to ask him to slow down but she has never ridden far with me (a km or two) because of her first experience.

    So I've learnt that when you have a passenger you ride for their comfort. Often they won't be willing to admit their fear.

  3. G'day Mal, welcome back to riding and welcome to NR.
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys. Yeah Birdman, Just taking it easy and enjoying the ride. Too damn old to go that fast anymore. My reflexes aren't up to it. The good lady wife loves to get out on the bike so scaring her (or me) is the last thing I want.


  5. Welcome back to 2 wheels, and a BIG welcome to NR Mal !

    PS: This IS a family forum :p
  6. PS: This IS a family forum :p[/quote]

    Very funny :LOL:

    Welcome - I know what you mean about the clothing choice. I bought mine last year and am really happy with what I have. Leather jacket with removable winter insert and Hornee Jeans (Like Draggin Jeans), so I can just wear em round.

    Just coming up to my first winter and finally getting rain here in Melbourne, so next I have to tackle which wet weather gear to get...

  7. welcome back to 2 wheels :grin:
  8. The jackets with 3 layers, a winter layer, a waterproof layer and a summer layer are great. In summer the breeze goes straight through and you still have kevlar protecion and padding. I was looking the other day and you can get pants that are set up similar (ie they let the air flow through but give you protection) and they can be zipped to the jacket.

    Leather looks great and provides great protection but on a hot ride it's not very practical.

    These new materials are OK on sports bikes but I don't know it they suit the cruiser style - that's up to you.